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Student Success Hub for K-12

Deliver equitable and holistic student support from anywhere.

Connect Students with the Services They Need to Thrive

Student Success Hub for K-12 Features:

Support Students

Support the Whole Student

  • 360° Student Profiles: Gain a unified view of each student–from attendance and grades to the services a student receives, household information, and more–all in one place.
  • Data-Driven Alerts: Create custom alerts and automatic follow-up tasks using clicks, not code, and receive predictive alerts based on attendance, behavior, and more.
  • Student Success Alerts: Quickly raise alerts about students from a Slack app that feeds directly into Student Success Hub, streamlining communication between team members.
  • Personalized Student Success Plans: Assign success plans for common interventions and support scenarios so staff always have a clear plan of action and are never wondering who’s on point. 
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Intervene Collaboratively

  • Success Teams: Enable multidisciplinary student support staff to collaborate while limiting sensitive information to those who are directly working with each child.
  • Case Management: Securely chat, assign tasks, share notes, and refine student success plans with key milestones to create more informed interactions with students.
  • Mass Actions: Quickly connect students to services by turning alerts into cases, or success plans, with a single click.
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Track Progress

Track Progress and Improve Outcomes

  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards: Track and measure student progress, as well as participation in interventions, to drive continuous improvement that helps each student thrive.
  • Program and Cohort Management: Assign program participants into cohorts based on test scores and survey responses, or attributes like school and academic year, to monitor progress.
  • Service Utilization: Easily track utilization of service referrals to address any bottlenecks and better understand which services are getting the most use.
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The Platform

Drive Student Success with Education Cloud

Built on the #1 CRM, Student Success Hub brings the latest Education Cloud innovations to your teams.

See How Schools Use Student Success Hub for K-12


Customer Story: Madera Unified School District

Powering Equitable Student Support

“We chose Student Success Hub to help Madera Unified coordinate equitable student support and ensure we are connecting students with the services they need to be successful in school and in life.”

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Student Success Hub for K-12 helps schools and districts of all sizes deliver equitable and holistic student support from anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Student Success Hub and how you can get started.