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Nonprofit Marketing & Engagement

Grow Your Community & Strengthen Relationships

Connect with More People Across More Channels to Power More Impact

Build Relationships with Personalized Experiences

Know your community better and engage them with what they want.

Know and Expand Your Community to Grow Your Impact

Communicate across many channels and measure engagement, all in one place.

Gain the Digital Flexibility to Seize Every Opportunity to Thrive

Connect systems to give you one view of your community and personalize interactions at scale.

Ways to Use Our Nonprofit Marketing Software

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Products that Power Marketing & Engagement

Marketing & Engagement Tools in Salesforce for Nonprofits

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The Platform

Find the Right Solution For Your Nonprofit

Stakeholder 360 connects your marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams with a single view of constituent data, helping you grow relationships with your constituents and your employees.

“Salesforce helps us identify who a web visitor is and what they’re interested in so we can better support them on their care journey.” Sarah Lindsell, CEO
The Brain Tumour Charity
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Join the Community

Join thousands of your nonprofit peers

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Learn how Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce for Nonprofits’ Marketing and Engagement software, helps nonprofits increase awareness, find new stakeholders, and build long-term relationships.