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Grants Management

Track, manage, and deliver funding programs to get critical investments out to communities.

Grants Management Software to Simplify and Accelerate Grantmaking

Nonprofit Grants Management Features

Grants and Programs

Connect Grants and Programs

  • Program Management: Connect programs, sub-initiatives, and respective grants in a single system to understand how together they’re driving the philanthropic mission forward.
  • Financial Commitments: Increase visibility into the funding lifecycle, what stage each grant is in, funds that have been requested or awarded, and schedule disbursements.
  • Reporting: Gain a unified view of funding programs with reports on populations served, total funding by year and program, grants with upcoming milestones and more.


Simplify The Application Process

  • Grant Applications: Reduce the time and manual work spent on building applications. Use templates that are based on the unique requirements for each funding opportunity.
  • Private Grant Invitations: For organizations you think would be a good fit for private funding opportunities, send personalized invitations for them to apply.
  • Funding Requests: Make it easy for applicants and grantees to find and apply for funding opportunities and view application statuses.
  • Internal Reviews: Simplify and keep the decision making process moving by selecting only the sections reviewers need to see. Keep a record of the feedback they provide.

Grantee Experience

Improve the Grantee Experience

  • Relationship Management: Get up to speed quickly on grantees and how they’ve engaged with your organization to cultivate better relationships.
  • Grantee Portal: Improve the grantee experience with a portal where applicants and grantees can find funding opportunities and application status, and submit impact reports.
  • Award Updates and Requirements: Increase visibility for grantees by sharing upcoming payment schedules and amounts and what reporting requirements are expected before disbursing funds.

Due Diligence

Gain a Holistic View of Due Diligence

  • Pre-Configured Templates: Reduce the tedium of due diligence with templates that differ by program, grant size, budget and more. Staff can collaborate with places to save comments.
  • Tax Status Verification: U.S.-based funders quickly verify the tax status of an organization using Guidestar data directly in Salesforce. Add commentary with notes for visibility and collaboration.
  • Historical Record: Better understand why a grantee was funded in previous years or not. Each process is saved automatically so you have a comprehensive view of each grantee.
  • External Reviews: Make it easy for external stakeholders to review and provide feedback on applications so you can speed up decision making on funding requests. 
C360 for nonprofit grantmakers


Build a Complete Grantmaking Solution with Salesforce

Stakeholder 360 unites your marketing, fundraising, programs, and IT teams on one integrated platform, helping you grow relationships with your stakeholders.

Ebony Beckwith, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Salesforce

Driving Collaboration Between Grantmakers and Grantees

“Our goal is to make the grant application process as efficient as possible. By enabling seamless collaboration, we cut down the time spent on admin work, allowing our partners to focus on their missions and creating impact for our communities.”

Ebony Beckwith,
Chief Philanthropy Officer, Salesforce

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Accelerate Critical Funding

Salesforce Grants Management is purpose-built for grantmakers to streamline their processes and get critical funding out to their communities quickly. Get in touch with an expert to unlock the power of grants management software.

Grants Management FAQs

Have a question? Here are some popular frequently asked questions about grants management and grantmaking.