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ISIL Perú self-implements a Salesforce solution to optimize the admissions cycle.
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Executive Summary

Since 1983, ISIL has been one of Peru’s most innovative leaders in higher education. It serves more than 15,000 students and offers advanced career-focused academic programs that provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s technology-driven job market.

To provide better support for students throughout the admissions process, ISIL turned to Salesforce to improve its case management and make administrative work easier for recruiters. Salesforce helped create an advanced system for managing data, tracking interactions, and optimizing processes across the admissions cycle, from recruiting to enrollment.

After a seamless self-guided implementation, ISIL increased recruiting productivity by 23% and improved the rate of lead and prospect conversion by 21%.

  • 23%
    increase in recruiting productivity
  • 21%
    increase in rate of lead and prospect conversion
  • 70%
    of incoming information requests are identified and solved without any human intervention

On the Path Toward Better Prospect Engagement

ISIL’s primary goal in looking for a new CRM was to better engage prospects. To do this, they needed to develop a more effective case management solution that could proactively monitor and handle the large number of information and service requests from potential students.

Many incoming requests concerned basic yet very important information about enrollment and registration. ISIL, however, didn’t have a reliable system in place to track and manage the requests. The team also lacked the ability to track digital behavior across their websites and see who was visiting and why. They knew they needed better visibility and a better understanding of who their prospects were and how they could support them.

ISIL’s data was also spread across several disconnected systems, which resulted in inaccurate insights and delays accessing and delivering information. This seriously impacted and often halted ISIL’s decision-making and prevented the admissions team from putting students at the center of their focus.

ISIL required a new CRM that could streamline their information management, improve case management, and provide a 360-degree view of potential and existing students.

With the flexibility and speed we get with Salesforce, even though we are in the education area, it really feels like we are in the commercial sector because it is so fast and so agile.” Olga Ramírez De La Rosa, Information Technology Manager

Self-Implementing the Right Solution with the Right Workflows

ISIL evaluated a number of CRM solutions before determining that Salesforce was best suited to meet its needs for a cloud-based platform with superior power and stability.

ISIL also required Salesforce’s flexibility to be able to adapt to rapidly shifting environmental changes, as well as its scalability to be able to grow over time and add additional products as needed.

ISIL launched its Salesforce solution in just 21 days, using self-implementation and taking advantage of the platform’s many built-in best practices.

ISIL designed a multiphase approach to tackle its key priorities, the first being revamping its case management system. The second phase concentrated on recruiting, and in the third phase, they focused on integrating student information.

As part of its culture of learning and to fully develop internal expertise, ISIL relied on Trailhead’s comprehensive learning modules and community guidance during the process.

They incorporated several complementary tools along the way to support their work including Marketing Cloud Account Engagement for tracking and scoring prospect interactions, Einstein for detailed insights, and a WhatsApp chatbot to boost prospect engagement.

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Boosting Productivity and Enhancing the Student Experience

With Salesforce in place, ISIL improved its case management, achieved greater productivity and is now able to use its data to enhance communications and the overall student experience.

Advanced Productivity

Within three months of implementation, ISIL saw its recruiting agents’ productivity increase by 23%. Using Salesforce, agents can now track and manage incoming information requests much more effectively and are able to resolve more cases faster.

ISIL launched an AI-based WhatsApp chatbot that helped increase call center productivity by 38%. ISIL is now able to identify and solve 70% of incoming information requests without any human intervention, lightening the workload for recruiters and enabling them to target their attention to higher-value prospects. This improved the rate of conversion, from prospect lead to opportunity, by 21% and reduced the overall conversion time from five days down to nine hours.

Effective Data Management

Using Salesforce, ISIL improved its reporting capabilities and is now making much more effective use of its data. The ISIL team is using Salesforce to build a variety of custom reports and dashboards that provide greater visibility into prospects and students.

ISIL is also collecting better information about prospect interactions and is using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement’s lead scoring capabilities to prioritize incoming leads.

Recruiters are now redirecting their time and attention to the most valuable leads and achieving higher conversion rates.

Personalized and Consistent Service

Having developed a more efficient and effective system for collecting and managing student data, ISIL can now provide more personalized and more consistent service, and deliver a better overall student experience.

Salesforce helped ISIL improve a number of administrative features, such as financial aid forms, to improve student access to services.

In addition to the WhatsApp chatbot, ISIL launched a number of omnichannel communication tools to better connect with students, resulting in a smoother experience for students and faster communication.

“Our organization, including our marketing and commercial leaders, has been very impressed with Salesforce,” said Ramírez De La Rosa. “It’s difficult to imagine how we were able to function without Salesforce.”

Watch the Recruitment & Admissions demo.

More About ISIL Perú

ISIL is one of Peru’s most recognized leaders in higher education, providing innovative educational models that equip students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to be successful professionals and members of society.

ISIL’s programs include more than 25 technical career programs, as well as bachelor degrees, in fields such as Business Administration, Marketing, Design, and Information Technology.