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Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation leverages the Salesforce platform’s flexible development tools and real-time analytics to develop a set of poverty outreach applications.
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Grameen Foundation goes mobile in the fight against poverty

The Grameen Foundation is a global organization that is a leader in the fight against poverty globally, with a specific focus on sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Middle East/North Africa, and Latin America. Using Salesforce, Grameen Foundation seeks to break the cycle of poverty by providing poverty-focused organizations with tools and services to better understand their customers and their operations, and ultimately extend their reach.

The Grameen Foundation leveraged the platform’s flexible development tools and real-time analytics to develop a set of Android-based mobile data collection and poverty outreach applications called TaroWorks.

TaroWorks enables Grameen’s customers to efficiently collect and analyze data from their field officers and their beneficiaries via mobile devices—regardless of whether they are connected or offline. Organizations can view and analyze this data in real-time to ensure their marketing, services and products are effectively designed to address the needs of the poor.

“Now that we can so easily collect customer demographic info, we can shift our focus to more robust data analysis, including marketing experiments to target certain segments and new processes to improve sales, customer satisfaction, and thus our overall impact. “ – Peter Eliassen, COO VisionSpring, early customer of TaroWorks.

Finally, Grameen uses Salesforce across 100+ users for relationship management, fundraising, volunteer management, tracking sales and earned revenue as well as for project and performance management.