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Nonprofit Summit Event Resources

Relive highlights from the Nonprofit Summit

Learn how nonprofit leaders across the globe are innovating and transforming their organizations.

Pictures of Jane Fonda, Soledad O'Brien and Jose Andres at the Nonprofit Summit

Mainstage Speakers

Get Inspired

Rewatch the dynamic mainstage program, featuring activist Jane Fonda, journalist Soledad O’Brien, and José Andrés from World Central Kitchen.

Nonprofit Summit Feature Videos

Increase Impact

Using Technology to Increase Impact

Learn how Boys and Girls Clubs America uses technology to overcome barriers in the pandemic, build resilience, and ultimately strengthen relationships for future-readiness.

Watch Increasing Impact Session

Future of Funding

The Future of Funding: Expanding Partnerships with Foundations

Darren Walker and Dr. Una Osili discuss how foundations can empower nonprofits to invest and thrive in this evolving landscape.

Watch Future of Funding Session

Mary's Meals

The Shed that Fed 2 Million Children

From a small shed in Northern Scotland, one man started a movement and inspired tens of thousands of people across the world to join him in putting an end to child hunger.

Watch the Mary’s Meals Story

28+ Learning Sessions for Every Persona

There’s something for everyone across the globe. Relive thought leadership panels and sessions and find resources to transform your organization.

Manage Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit leaders and experts at Salesforce discuss this year’s top trends and lessons learned from organizations who have gone through a digital transformation and are adapting to this highly digital world.

Direct and Expand Your Programs

Discover how to use technology to deliver your best programs and services and amplify your program impact.

Grow Fundraising Impact

Find out how to leverage donor needs and trends to implement fundraising strategies that raise more money with fewer resources.

Drive Marketing Performance

Understand how successful nonprofit marketers take a data-driven approach to engaging constituents, measuring performance, and reporting back for further investment.

Govern & Protect Your Data

Learn how to develop your data management strategy and how to use technology to protect, integrate, visualize, and act on your data.

On-Demand Sessions by Region

There’s something for everyone, including our global regions. Relive thought leadership panels and sessions and find resources to propel your mission forward.

EMEA Region Hub

Top spotlights from the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

APAC Region Hub

Top spotlights from the Asia-Pacific region.

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See Nonprofit Cloud in Action

Explore how Salesforce technology is transforming organizations across the globe.

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