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Reach and Engage Students and Families

Schools and districts are looking to develop lasting relationships with students and families from inquiry to enrollment. With Education Cloud for K-12, use admissions software for schools to create targeted outreach campaigns, boost admissions team productivity, and gain greater insights. Find out how Austin Achieve Public Schools deepened family engagement and increased enrollment by 10% with Salesforce.

Features & Benefits

Provide a Unified Experience

Built on the #1 CRM, Admissions Connect is admissions software for schools that helps teams meaningfully streamline admissions management. Eliminate data silos and gain a unified view of prospective student and family information. Easily collaborate from anywhere, add notes, and track communications, leading to more informed interactions.

Personalizing communications to a prospective student through Admissions Connect, school enrollment softwre, on a desktop

Personalize Communications

Build relationships through personalized outreach that spans email, SMS, web, and more. Move prospective students and families along a meaningful journey and provide the right level of support throughout the entire admissions process. See how Catholic Schools Center of Excellence uses Salesforce to improve communications between schools and prospective students and families.

Checklist with a progress bar for a student's application in Admissions Connect, school admissions software, shown on a desktop

Streamline Operations and Save Time

Manual processes lead to lost time, frustrated staff, and data-entry errors. With Admissions Connect, admission software for schools, you can accelerate productivity by unifying data and team collaboration in an integrated platform. Enable efficient decisioning with a rich application reader experience, document management, and workflow automation.

Dashboard showing admissions and enrollment trends for schools on a desktop

Unlock Insights

Create customizable reports and real-time dashboards that unlock insights related to your admissions and enrollment trends. Where are applicants coming from? Where are we losing families in the process? Get answers, share findings, and drive strategies that improve outcomes. Learn how Austin Achieve Public Schools uses Salesforce to increase enrollment.

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