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Diabetes Australia – Victoria

Diabetes Australia-VIC ramps up support for sufferers in Victoria using Service Cloud. Check out more nonprofit customer stories on
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Diabetes Australia-VIC Ramps Up Support for Sufferers in Victoria

Since 1953 Diabetes Australia – Vic has been the peak consumer body and leading charity representing over 235,000 people affected by diabetes and those at risk.

To support its members and donors, they ran 17 different databases that were wrought with challenges, making it near impossible to improve member services and their fundraising efforts.

Another impact of all the databases was the impact upon customer services. With inquiries having to be performed multiple times to provide support. It was clear that they needed a new solution quickly, that was flexible enough to meet the variety of demands placed upon them.

After reviewing various solutions it became clear that Salesforce’s call center solution could be deployed 6x faster than the competitors. 120 licenses were purchased to support the call center and fundraising staff. Providing access to over one million contacts through a standard browser has led to impressive productivity gains, this has had a knock-on effect with inquiries handled in half the time it used to take. With the easy to use workflow rules, Cases are now tracked from first call to closure, with nothing falling through the gaps. Reporting as well is much easier and clearer, which has contributed to a 25% increase in revenues.