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Manage Your Nonprofit Sessions

Dive in to hear stories of a digital transformation from nonprofit leaders across the globe.

Welcome to the Manage Your Nonprofit Track

Nonprofit leaders and experts at Salesforce discuss this year’s top trends and lessons learned from organizations who have gone through a digital transformation.

Smart Tech: Reimagining Nonprofit Work to Create More Joy and Results

Smart tech has become embedded into nonprofit work. Learn what’s needed to reinvent work using a human-centered approach to adopting smart tech.

The Great Reshuffle: Making Sure You Don't Miss a Step with Your Staff

Learn how to identify best practices nonprofit leaders can use to motivate and retain employees.

Candid's Take: Nonprofit Trends You Need to Know to Thrive in 2022

Hear how the pandemic accelerated and intertwined long standing trends and what forward-looking nonprofits are doing about these implications

How ChildFund Leverages a 360-Degree View to Make a World of Difference for Children

Hear how ChildFund International uses Salesforce to connect partners worldwide, eliminating the need to move physical documents.

Diversity and Inclusion: Less Talking, More Doing

Learn how TupuToa provides a human touch through Indigenous cultural values and modern digital tools.

That's a Nice View: How One NGO Gained a 360-Degree View of Its Stakeholders

Migrate, integrate, automate! Hear how the Leukaemia Foundation turned siloed data and disparate systems into a 360-degree view of their stakeholder.

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