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Nonprofit Summit 2022: Highlights for APAC

International Sessions

That's a Nice View: How One NGO Gained a 360-Degree View of Its Stakeholders

Migrate, integrate, automate! Hear how the Leukaemia Foundation turned siloed data and disparate systems into a 360-degree view of their stakeholder.

Diversity and Inclusion: Less Talking, More Doing

Learn how TupuToa provides a human touch through Indigenous cultural values and modern digital tools.


Building a Data Management Strategy for Your Nonprofit

In this white paper, learn how to build a data management strategy.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

See how our marketing intelligence tools help you make data-driven marketing decisions.

Nonprofit Cloud Operations

See how to develop dynamic data solutions on the most scalable, secure nonprofit database software.

Continue Your Learning!

Choose from one of our 5 tracks and dig deeper into over 28 sessions to help you manage your nonprofit, expand your programs, protect and govern your data, look at marketing performance and grow fundraising impact.  

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