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Student Experience

Learn how institutions of all sizes are maximizing student engagement, streamlining services, delivering unified advising, and unlocking access to careers for all types of students from anywhere.

Welcome to the Student Experience Track

Learn how to connect and support students through their entire education journey.

Adtalem: Driving Outcomes via Data-Driven Student Success

Learn how Walden uses Tableau CRM to build analytics- an AI-first experience to identify the students who will benefit most from the time and attention of Student Success Advisors.  

1 to 6: One Stop to Repeatable Case Management

Join the University of Miami in their quest to expand the case management functionality implemented for their student-focused one-stop shop, ‘Canes Central, into a repeatable solution for other administrative offices.

Annenberg Insights: A Student Success Management System

Learn how USC Annenberg is using state-of-the-art analytics to take student advising to the next level.

Matching Students’ Dreams with Employers’ Needs

From career advising to job placements and employer services, discover how SWPS Career Services uses Salesforce to support students by driving their career readiness while strengthening employers’ relationships with a one-stop portal to talent. 

Student Experience Resources

A New Advising Era

Learn how technology provides the means for advising success.

Rethinking Wellbeing in Higher Education

A guide for holistic student support.

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