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Our Path Forward

For mission-driven organizations like yours, achieving what’s possible with Salesforce means improving more lives and doing more good. But, resource constraints often limit what each of us can accomplish alone. The Impact Exchange is the next evolution of Salesforce’s Pro Bono Program, offering nonprofits and schools access to highly skilled Salesforce employees at no cost. We’re so excited to welcome everyone to our new home, a virtual place to collaborate and innovate as partners in pursuit of a better world.

Learn More About The Impact Exchange

Salesforce volunteer brainstorming on post-its on a wall for a pro bono project

What is the Impact Exchange?

The Impact Exchange is designed to help connect talented Salesforce employees with our nonprofit and education customers in need of assistance on short-term, non-urgent Salesforce projects. It makes it easier than ever to create, manage, and engage with volunteers on your project.

Get Started
Organization staff member applying for the Pro Bono program on his laptop in his living room

How does it work?

Nonprofit and education organizations are able to share pro bono volunteer projects by publishing them on the site. Once published, these projects are recommended to volunteers whose skills and interests align with the needs and goals of the project. From there, you can review your volunteer applicants and choose the one that best fits your needs to deliver your project vision. Make sure to review our best practices on Trailhead before getting started.

Take the Trail
Organization and pro bono Salesforce volunteer are video chatting to solve a problem in a Quick Connect session

Need Some Quick Expert Advice?

With the Impact Exchange, we’ve added two new Quick Connect project types to better support your needs. These quick calls (up to an hour) are designed to give you access to one-on-one support from an expert volunteer. Choose Quick ConnectProject Advice to request help preparing for a project by defining your needs, objectives, and skills required for success. Choose Quick Connect – Ask An Expert for help with more general questions, actionable recommendations, solving a quick problem, or brainstorming ideas for optimizing your Salesforce instance. 

Create A New Project
Volunteer working at a nonprofit organization, giving resources and supplies to a constituent

Other Ways We Can Help

Currently, access to the Impact Exchange is limited to nonprofits and schools that are Salesforce customers. Additionally, only projects related to Salesforce products are supported at this time. If your organization or project does not qualify for the Impact Exchange, you can can request additional support from Salesforce employee volunteers through this form or Tableau Service Corps. We look forward to welcoming even more organizations and volunteering opportunities onto the Impact Exchange in the future so stay tuned!

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