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How to Qualify for the Power of Us

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Organizational Criteria

Certain charitable, nonprofit, nongovernmental, educational, or social change organizations can qualify for the Power of Us program. This includes public or private nonprofit primary, secondary, and higher education organizations and institutions. The organization must be in compliance with Salesforce’s Acceptable Use Policy and External-Facing Services policy.

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Learn About the Organizations that Can Be Considered

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Legal Documentation to Support Eligibility

"" Articles of Association.

"" Memorandum of Association.

"" Similar legal documentation with financial statements declaring their mission and primary operating purpose as a nonprofit, charitable organization, or public educational institution.

Download the Policy

Prospects Must Satisfy Qualifying Criteria and not Fall within the Disqualification Criteria

Get Started Today

If you meet qualification criteria, the first step to take is creating an active Salesforce trial. Create an account by signing up for one of our free product trials.

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What is the Power of Us?

The Power of Us gives eligible nonprofits and educational institutions access to 10 donated subscriptions and deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products, and/or services from Salesforce. Learn more about the process and get started today.