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Key Trends for Nonprofit Fundraisers

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91% of fundraising teams have a core CRM or plan to use one
86% of fundraisers believe technology can replace a lot of manual tasks that divert them from more important activities
24% measure donor conversion
Donors want to know where their dollars are going.

Donors want to know where their dollars are going.

69% of nonprofits say the demand for transparency regarding funding has increased at least moderately.

Technology fundraisers

The technology that fundraisers use is shifting.

The vast majority of nonprofits say that mobile is top of mind for fundraising activities. However, less than one third are currently using mobile apps for staff or constituents.

Changing donor expectations

Donor expectations are changing.

This is especially true when it comes to the experience and interactions they have with the nonprofit they’re supporting. Yet, only half of nonprofits measure donor satisfaction with their experience.

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