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Nonprofit team member looking at a Tableau dashboard showing nonprofit database metrics


Nonprofit Operations

Power teams with a unified view, actionable insights, and collaboration.

Create dynamic data solutions on the most customizable, scalable, and secure platform.

Nonprofit Cloud gives you the tools to unlock the potential in your nonprofit data, making it usable, insightful, and impactful.

Use smarter systems to build better relationships.

Ensure your data is clean and clear, driving you to new relationships and better engagement.

Increase impact by making data-informed decisions, faster.

Share and elevate your impact story using best-in-class insights.

Serve your entire organization’s technology needs with flexible systems.

Pull together all your data, unlock key information, and raise more funds and reach more people.

How We Help IT and Operations Teams

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The Products You Need to Run a Data-Driven Organization

Customize your solution with our nonprofit operations product mix.

Nonprofit database dashboard showing major donor information powered by Salesforce

The Platform

Find the right solution for your organization.

Nonprofit Operations is a solution within Salesforce for Nonprofits focused on IT and Operations Teams.

Customers of all sizes find success with Salesforce.

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“With Salesforce, we can put our clients in the driver’s seat and start to tailor care packages around their best interests, making mental health care more accessible for everyone.” John Slator, Head of IT and Informatics, Concern Group
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Take your nonprofit operations skills further with Trailhead.

Data Management with NPSP

Manage all your contacts and connect them to activities, organizations, and each other.

Tableau Basics for Nonprofits

Use interactive dashboards to surface insights for fundraising, programs, and engagement.

Check out key resources to help jumpstart your journey.

Power your teams with data clarity and collaboration with Stakeholder 360.