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Become a Connected Housing Association

Find out how Salesforce supports Housing Associations to build resident centric services at scale.

Introducing Salesforce for Social Housing

Salesforce, the worlds #1 CRM, enables Housing Associations to aggregate all data related to resident’s, property or assets in a single source of truth for every department to access from anywhere on any device.  Connected conversations, personalisation, fast response, and a deeper understanding of each client are core to ensure you’re meeting the needs of those you serve today. Salesforce offers Housing Associations a scalable platform that includes a robust set of technologies to support and connect your client services, repairs and maintenance teams, suppliers and key stakeholders while enabling you to manage communications and outreach in a personal way and drive efficiencies across your entire organisation. Become a data-driven Housing Association with Salesforce and gain complete transparency across your organisation, with the ability to report on and measure your impact, while leveraging insights to predict future trends and adapt accordingly.

-24% in cost to serve
+26% in customer satisfaction
34% faster business process completion.

*Salesforce 2017-2019 Customer Success Survey

The Resident 360

The future belongs to those with a vision for change and the tools to make it happen. With Salesforce, you have a platform that connects data related to clients, service agents, repairs and maintenance teams, suppliers and other key stakeholders, in one place. This unified platform, offers a 360 degree view of your clients and embraces communication and collaboration through several technology streams.

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Supporting Housing Associations

Through the Power of Us Program, Housing Associations can access Salesforce products and resources to help you reach your goals with technology. The Power of Us Program includes 10 donated subscriptions and deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products and/or services from Salesforce.

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Personalised Experiences

Delivered every time

Behind every door lies many stories – Salesforce helps Housing Associations gain a deeper understanding of their residents. Whether supporting a resident in need of support services, buying their own property or dealing with anti-social behaviour, Salesforce facilitates individualised communications, at scale. Employees have a full history of each resident at their fingertips, be that knowledge articles, past cases or rent information, thus equipping them with the information needed to deliver a great experience every time.

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Resident-Centric Contact Centre

Deliver self-service solutions

Today, Housing Associations can deliver a great phone experience to residents, with agents working from anywhere. Service Cloud Voice means telephony is integrated with your Salesforce CRM thus agent experience is elevated and supervisors have enhanced visibility across all channels, driven by AI insights, on an intuitive console. With a 360 degree view of each resident and better tools and insights, agents are empowered to close cases faster.

Mobile Apps

Personalised resident portals

Imagine being able to create an immersive experience with a personalised resident portal and mobile app, without the need to code? With Salesforce Experience Cloud and Mobile Publisher you can. Residents expect to have access to relevant information and services such as repairs and maintenance cases raised and rent payment information. With self-service portals and discussion forums, they can get answers to their questions anytime, anywhere, while significantly reducing the manual effort from staff, freeing them up to deal with more complex cases.

Field Service

Repairs and maintenance management

Whether it’s planned or unplanned repairs and maintenance, Salesforce Field Service facilitates the management of remote teams and the prioritisation of work orders. Organisations can set their own business rules, then allow the AI-Powered Job Scheduling feature to match jobs to the most appropriate resource, driving efficiency and delighting tenants. Residents can request support, log a repair, book their own appointments times and be notified when an engineer is en route. With Visual Remote Assistant, residents can be guided through issue identification and minor issue fixes via video chat. Remote teams are connected to the business at all times being able to access job details, both online and offline and use AI to increase first-time fix rates.

API and integrations

Unlock the full value of your digital solutions

Whether as a result of mergers or unconnected legacy systems, data silos are prevalent across the Housing sector and slow down digital transformation initiatives. Delivering resident-centric digital services without a single source of data will likely result in a disjointed, poor experience for your tenants. With the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform Housing Associations can unlock dark data, connecting systems of record with API’s to ensure information is available to employees and residents as needed.


Reduce your carbon footprint

The need to de-carbonise the built environment has never been more important and with Governments committing to reduce their carbon emissions over the coming years, Housing Associations are already planning for a greener future. Carbon emissions from energy usage and company travel need to be reduced, and with a single source of truth, greater transparency and accountability, organisations can better quantify their carbon footprint and become more sustainable. Formulate a climate action plan with Sustainability Cloud.

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Become a data-driven organisation

Becoming a data-driven Housing Association is key for optimised decision making and also fundamental to achieve the required transparency around operations and impact. Truly understanding that impact is vital for your overall success. The role of AI is expanding into many aspects of everyday life and can support you in better provisioning services to your clients. Applying AI to your data can help unlock trends and patterns, like understanding where housing will be most in need in the future, and what type of housing will best meet demand is key to resource planning.

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