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Campus Community Engagement

Build and Foster Campus Collaboration

Running a campus is like running a village.

Running a campus is like running a village.

There are so many different departments that need to work together to make everything run smoothly, which can consequently make collaboration incredibly difficult. Meanwhile, students expect a seamless experience, regardless of which department or channel they are interacting with.

To deliver on that experience, you need to create a culture of collaboration internally. Salesforce for Community Engagement allows you to break down silos, increase organizational intelligence, and stimulate constituent participation.

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And now, you can build your campus community faster than ever with Unity.

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Campus Community Engagement
"We know if we can create a connection between the student and the university they'll be more successful and that's what we're all about." – Chip Coons, CIO, Western Governors University

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Get Answers (Not Emails)

So long silos! Next time you have a question for the financial aid team, development, or any other department, don’t send an email — post the question to a Community and get crowd-sourced answers from people you might not expect – answers that become a resource as others view it.

Brainstorm Ideas

Use Salesforce Communities as a first-round focus group to test ideas with your coworkers. Start with a provocative question and get involved in the discussion. Pop in and out whenever an idea strikes you–no matter what time it is, or where you are.

Share Files in Context

Big files clog everyone’s email inbox, and version control is impossible. But it’s easy to share files with Salesforce Chatter—just drag and drop, and your collaborators see updates instantly. Plus, they can make comments right on the file.

Provide Self-Service

Enable community members to easily find answers to their questions, allowing your student support staff to focus on the most complex issues. Leverage existing knowledge and the intellectual horsepower of the community in the self-service experience.

Manage Projects – Together

Even the smallest projects can involve a lot of people and moving parts. Chatter allows you to make working groups so everyone stays in the loop and has one place to go for what’s happening. You can even invite external participants like hiring companies, alumni or volunteers to collaborate in a private group.

Collaborate From Wherever You Are

Communities are available via desktop and mobile devices – you can access them anywhere you can access the internet.

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Higher Ed institutions have their own unique challenges and opportunities. So Salesforce creates unique solutions, geared to your industry, to help you take full advantage of social, mobile, cloud, and analytics as you transform your campus. Learn how.

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