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Chatbot powered by AI offering employee services on a desktop

Elevate Your Faculty and Staff Experience

Salesforce for faculty empowers institutions to elevate their employee experience by transforming onboarding and communications, reimagining the intranet, and streamlining service.

Features & Benefits

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Reimagine the Intranet

Provide faculty and staff with simple access to collaboration tools, communication resources, and easy ways to support their favorite causes through volunteering. With everything at their fingertips, employees are more productive and engaged when working from anywhere.

IT Service Center case using, on desktop

Streamline Employee Service

Simplify employee service across channels with self-service support, AI, and chatbots that make supporting staff more efficient and productive. Help your employees help themselves with a self-service portal, knowledge articles, ticket updates, and built-in workflows. Offer multi-channel support and connect with your employees on channels like chat, messaging, email, and more.

Onboarding journey in email, on desktop

Transform Onboarding and Communications

As new faculty and staff onboard, you now have the building blocks to personalize their experiences. Design 1:1 personalized communication journeys across channels, and analyze those efforts. Create triggered pathways using myTrailhead that enable your team to learn information in bite-sized increments that will help them succeed in their new role.

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