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Leveraging Technology and Tradition to Transform Everyday Finance

This session is anchored by

Mission Assets Fund

With 54 million adults invisible to the credit system and 17 million adults without checking accounts, the average under-served family spends 9.5% of their income on fringe financial services like payday loans and check cashers. Learn how innovative tech-powered solutions are creating pathways out of the financial shadows for the financially under-served. Panelists will discuss the challenges for unbanked and underbanked populations as well as viable tech-powered community-based solutions scaling across the U.S.


Naomi Gendler Camper

Naomi Gendler Camper, Managing Director & Head, Office of Nonprofit Engagement, JP Morgan Chase

Naomi Gendler Camper is Managing Director and the head of JPMorgan Chase’s new Office of Nonprofit Engagement. In this role, Naomi is responsible for building a comprehensive plan of sustained engagement with strategic nonprofit partners who are involved in advocacy, thought leadership and services related to low-and moderate-income communities, particularly with regard to affordable housing and strengthening neighborhoods. She is also working with JPMC’s Global Philanthropy group to develop financial capability and affordable housing initiatives.

Leigh Tivol

Leigh Tivol, Director Savings and Financial Security, Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED)

Ms. Tivol oversees CFED’s work in the area of savings and financial security, including matched savings accounts and other strategies that enable low-income children, adults, and families to build assets. empowers low- and moderate-income households to build and preserve assets by advancing policies and programs that help them achieve the American Dream, including buying a home, pursuing higher education, starting a business and saving for the future. As a leading source for data about household financial security and policy solutions, CFED understands what families need to succeed.

Jose Quinonez

Jose Quinonez, CEO, Mission Asset Fund

José became Mission Asset Fund’s (MAF) founding CEO in 2007. MAF is an award-winning nonprofit organization that integrates financially excluded low-income and immigrant communities into the financial mainstream by offering innovative and culturally relevant financial programs, products, and services.

Mary Griffin

Mary Griffin, Senior Advisor – Office of Financial Empowerment, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Mary Griffin serves as Senior Advisor in the Office of Financial Empowerment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the new federal agency that serves as the single point of accountability in the federal government for consumer financial protection. The Office focuses on improving the financial lives of low-income and economically vulnerable consumers through providing financial capability tools and resources, engaging in strategic collaborations with public and private programs that serve these consumers, and identifying and enhancing access to products and services that are effective in helping them meet their goals. Over the 20 years before she joined the CFPB, Mary advocated at the federal and state levels on behalf of consumers on financial services and consumer protection issues as senior counsel with Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports, and on behalf of cooperative, member-owned businesses as Director of Public Policy with the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA). Earlier in her career, she was a staff attorney with Maryland Legal Aid, where she represented children, and housing and bankruptcy clients and did appellate work with the US Department of Labor, Solicitor’s Office. She received her law degree from Temple University and her LLM from George Washington University