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Higher Ed Summit Virtual 2020 Recordings

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Platform Innovation

Recruitment & Admissions

Student Experience

International Spotlight

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Higher Ed 2020 Sessions - Advancement:

Advancement Celebrations & Lessons Learned: Moving off an Advancement Legacy System This episode reviews and celebrates the milestones of Western Michigan’s implementation of Salesforce, while reflecting on the important tools and tasks that help to mitigate challenges.

Jason Long

Sabre Leek


How to Organize Alumni Data for Reporting

Your supervisor has requested a report of alumni of a given program who have donated in the last six months and attending homecoming and work in the healthcare sector but only in western Michigan. Can you solve this challenge? This episode will discuss how Georgetown University has combined complex alumni data with Advancement information in a single Salesforce Org, and how the lessons learned can benefit your reporting challenges.

Jake Landis


Alumni Engagement: New Engagement Metrics and Evolving Practice

Join to learn about trends, and new survey results in alumni engagement from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

David Bass


How Flexible, Dynamic Content Drives Alumni Engagement

Learn how the Harvard Alumni Association used dynamic content, email journeys, and segmentation to drive new levels of email engagement with its alumni community of more than 370,000 worldwide. We’ll dive into how we re-conceptualized our approach to email newsletters and developed a new line of engagement-focused emails that resulted in new levels of email engagement across our alumni community.

Kellie Celia



Education Cloud Live Demo: Advancement & Alumni Relations

Join us for a live demo of Salesforce for Advancement and Alumni Relations. Streamline and automate advancement processes, empower gift officers with mobile tools and real-time data, and engage your alumni and donors in a more personalized way. Presented by a Solution Engineer.

John Thomson, PhD

Higher Ed 2020 Sessions - Keynotes & Summit Awards:


Education Cloud Keynote: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Higher Ed, Amid Crisis and Beyond

Transformational change in education requires the courage and creativity to take leaps at some of the most entrenched 'truths' we hold — the very premise of how our institutions are designed. The tools, roles, and infrastructure all offer an immense opportunity for digital transformation to make a difference. In our opening keynote, we’ll go deeper into why and how Indiana University has transformed. We’ll also share ways that Education Cloud is innovating to help you succeed.



What Does Higher Ed Innovation Look Like in Unprecedented Times

Join Jeff Selingo, Ted Mitchell, and Aimee Eubanks Davis in a conversation exploring the threats and opportunities for institutions in the coming years and how higher education and its campus leaders can create the higher education ecosystem we need to tackle the challenges of the post-pandemic world.

Jeff Selingo

Ted Mitchell

Aimee Eubanks Davis



2020 Summit Awards

Each year we celebrate our community of Trailblazers through the Summit Awards. This was the first year we gave out the awards digitally during Higher Ed Summit Virtual.


Higher Ed 2020 Sessions - Marketing:



How IU Developed a Model for Success by Building a Community Around Salesforce

Indiana University is a multi-campus institution with over 680 Marketing Cloud users. IU developed a structure and method to engage and partner with the community, starting with the establishment of the CRM Marketing team - which focused on advancing Salesforce usage for the university. The connection between Marketing Cloud users has been invaluable in driving more effective marketing and engendering a sense of belonging within marketers who now have resources to help them with their efforts.

Sudhir Bhaskar

Whitney Walker


Creating a Consistent Cross-Channel Digital Experience with a Design System

At Indiana University, we decided to tackle the wild west of our email branding and our fragmented templates. By creating a new master template and leveraging our new digital design system, we also made our new template accessible, consistently branded, and mobile optimized. Learn more about our process and the benefits of having a design system: how it’s evolved to include the particular needs of email, improved usability, reduced design time, contributed to brand recognition, and more.

Kate Wehner


Enhancing the Marketing Cloud experience with the Customer 360 Platform

Learn how Yale University is leveraging the power of the Customer 360 Platform and a “rogue” CRM to feed data to the Marketing Cloud while providing a easy-to-manage subscription and ad-hoc list creation process. Join Dave DeMichele and Kim Zaweski of Yale’s Salesforce Development & Platform Services team on a deeper dive into the details and to discuss the benefits and challenges with this approach.

Dave DeMichele

Kim Zaweski


Implementing Social Studio Across Campus at the Speed of Light

In the span of 3 months, the roll-out team at the University of Arizona developed our strategy, provisioned users and accounts, and conducted training to onboard marketers across the departments. Through this work, the university’s goal has been to streamline our content strategy and consolidate our presence on all social media platforms while creating a space for all to collaborate in the efforts. We want to share with you how we did it, why we did it, and how you can do it too.

Erik McEwen

Cindy Rupp Valdez


Making a Case for Distributed Marketing in Higher Education

As we were building our Marketing Cloud instance for the Purdue Alumni Association, we found a need to work with our 141 geographic clubs and networks to extend our brand and messaging. Instead of building out business units for each community, we worked to create a distributed marketing model where we can control the brand, and centralized messaging, while allowing the communities to create emails to share with their constituents. 

Martin Sickafoose

Higher Ed 2020 Sessions - Platform Innovation:

Platform Innovation

Trusting Learners to Curate Things That Matter for Learning and Work

This talk will focus on the world with interoperable credentials of learning and work experiences that, for those who have lost their jobs from the covid-19 pandemic represent a new start from training or courses in an area that the country now needs and they'd like to try. And for those how are seeking work, their credential wallet provides a frictionless, immediately verifiable means to demonstrating their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Phil Komarny

Phil Long

Platform Innovation

Driving Innovation with Education Cloud for K-12

Calling all education trailblazers! Join the K-12 team--and leaders from Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)--to learn more about its vision and roadmap for empowering student success. And see how OUSD leverages Salesforce to: track and manage interventions; connect students to myriad resources through a full-service community school model; and support holistic student success so that no one falls through the cracks, even in a district with 36K students.

Andrea Bustamante

Helen Hwang

Platform Innovation

Learning Lessons During COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted the education of over 290 million students globally - a figure without precedent. Every institution is having to adapt to a new normal and then shift from crisis mode to focusing on engagement and longer term business transformation. Join Cornell University as they talk about some of the lessons they’ve learned over the last couple of months, including the ways they’re supporting both students and faculty through meaningful engagement and doing so at scale with technology.

Jason Belland

Rebecca Joffrey

Platform Innovation

Let’s Shape the Future, Together: Preparing Students for College & Career

Hear how Denver Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools and the Cristo Rey Network leverage Salesforce to improve communication, recruitment and participation in work-based learning and career & tech ed programs at scale. Learn effective strategies to: bridge down into K-12 and up to employers to ensure lifelong success; equip students with the tools & connections to enter high-opportunity industries; streamline processes to manage relationships; and gain visibility into long-term program impact.

Mark Bazin

Theress Pidick

Sarah Rudofsky

Platform Innovation

Career Development in a COVID World: How to Support Students & Employers at Scale

How can institutions best support career-seeking students and employers during this time? Join us to hear how leaders from Austin Community College & Ivy Tech Community College are reimagining career development programs in today’s virtual world. In this episode you'll see how both institutions are innovating to engage corporate partners in new ways and are creating virtual student internship programs at scale. From contributing to state-wide initiatives to activating vast internship data within Salesforce, you'll walk away with ideas to drive innovation at your institution and create a new path forward in career development.

Chris Lowery

Kathryn Naughton

Platform Innovation

Gaining a holistic view of data for analytics insights

The challenges faced by centrally provided IT services (aging ERP systems, rapidly changing business needs, cloud systems / data fragmentation) are often replicated at a smaller scale within schools that house their own IT departments. One of the top business schools in the country, the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, has had its own ecosystem of applications and local data for twenty five years, and is working to better integrate with campus-wide systems and to enable its internal customers and administration to strategically stay ahead of the curve. Federated data management is key to success across the University.

Terry Ortiz

Jeanine Novak

Brian Greminger

Platform Innovation

Success in Salesforce Projects - what making beer teaches us

There are 4 core elements common to all projects: technology, PM-methodology, requirements and people. Making beer also requires 4 ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and water. Comparing the four key ingredients of my two passions encourages people to think about the structure of a Salesforce project, how they combine and impact the final result.

Alastair Dinning


Higher Ed 2020 Sessions - Recruitment & Admissions:

Recruitment & Admissions

Increase Enrollment by 14% with Pardot and Salesforce

Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Business lost $2million in potential revenue in the fiscal year 2017-18 due to an outdated, disjointed, manual CRM process which proved to be a turn-off for prospective students. In this episode, you’ll learn the steps they took to prevent a greater loss in the future and increase prospective volume by 24% and enrollments by 14%. With an accelerated implementation of Salesforce EDA and Pardot, Owen was able to see these results in just six months.

Kate Paradis

Recruitment & Admissions

Empowering Self-Service with Communities

With unlimited access to digital information, an evolving student population, and high expectations for customized content and on-demand customer service, the old enrollment funnel no longer works for college students. Tidewater Community College is streamlining the student experience by leveraging a self-implemented Knowledge Base as a Single Source of Truth for college-wide information. This episode presents a new way to create a strategic enrollment plan based on what your audience needs.

Jennifer Perkinson

Lucy O'Brien

Whitney Brichter

Recruitment & Admissions

From Admissions to Lifecycle: How George Mason University is Building an Effective Engagement Platform

In this episode, we will dive into George Mason University's journey toward the lifecycle CRM. We will look at the initial implementation for Admissions, and understand how Mason’s org strategy and development model have evolved over time to include a one-stop student service center and a future advising solution. Learn best practices to create an engaged and unified effort to grow Salesforce at your institution from admissions forward. In addition, get an action plan for addressing barriers, building trust, developing a data-informed culture, and forming a governance framework.

Matthew Boyce

Recruitment & Admissions

From Applicant to Student: Closing the Messaging Gap with Journey Builder

In today’s education landscape, marketers need to keep admitted students engaged. How do we demonstrate our commitment and connection to students prior to their enrollment? Thanks to Journey Builder, UW Continuum College tackled this issue by helping us to transition from sending sparse, manual messages, to building a multi-faceted, personalized journey, which triggers marketing emails and registration reminders to the right student, at the right time.

Claire Lewis

Kendall Omlin


Recruitment & Admissions

Education Cloud Live Demo: Recruiting & Admissions

Join us for a live demo of Salesforce for Student Recruitment and Admissions. See how Salesforce can help your institution attract and nurture the right students by creating a more personalized admissions experience. Take prospective students on a journey from suspect to applicant to enrolled student. Presented by a Solution Engineer.

Josh Harder

Recruitment & Admissions

Salesforce Communities: Driving Applicant Engagement with Targeted Content

Every applicant is unique with varying information-gathering needs as they work through the application process. Boston University needed a way to easily define rich dynamic content for many different applicant groups without involving a team of developers. With Salesforce Communities and 100+ targeted audiences, Applicants now have the right information at the right time. We’ll present the “myBU” community, explain its features and discuss how they were implemented.

Lisa Rhodes

Alexandra Bellerose

Reena Reddy

Anne Early

Recruitment & Admissions

Tips for Virtual Recruitment on Salesforce

As we look ahead to summer and fall, it’s clear that this recruitment season is going to look very different from years past. As you look to bring most or all of your engagement efforts online, leveraging your online tools to build relationships with your current and prospective students is crucial. In this session we’ll share tips for virtual recruiting and navigating this new normal from revised communication planning to rethinking your virtual events or modernizing your online application, we’ll discuss best practices for virtual engagement through the whole student journey from inquiry to enrolled.

Hayley Wolf

Jay Murray

Recruitment & Admissions

Getting R.A.D. in West Texas with Salesforce

The higher education landscape is changing now more than ever. Join us to hear how West Texas A&M University is adapting their recruitment strategies and see how Enrollment Rx's R.A.D solution can support flexible Recruitment, Admission, and Decisions on Salesforce.

Wendy Hamstra-Smith

Virginia Leathers

Higher Ed 2020 Sessions - Student Experience:

Student Experience

Forging the Path Together: Mentoring First-Gen Students and Public/Private Partnerships

What does it take to move mountains? For first-generation college students, often they can feel like that’s their job: pushing with all their might against the mountain that stands between them and their dreams. But that can also mean finding just the right person to help them on their journey, to help them discover ways to stop pushing and instead ascend up the slope, towards the summit. Who is that right mentor, though, and how do you build structures so that first-gen students can profit from their support?

This past summer, UMass Lowell and Salesforce partnered to pilot a six-month mentoring program for 20 first-gen students. This mentoring program matched students with Salesforce mentors out of the Boston area for a series of monthly interactions and activities focused around academic, professional, and personal success strategies and goal-setting. By launching this mentoring program, UMass Lowell’s first-gen academic support program, the River Hawk Scholars Academy, is working with Salesforce to forge new paths towards success for trailblazing students who deserve every opportunity to thrive. Our initiative represents a deeply collaborative approach that requires strategic planning, thoughtfully deployed resources, and harnessing the good will of many dedicated professionals working to make a difference.

Matthew Hurwitz

Student Experience

Improving Student Growth and Development in First Gen Students

The Georgetown Scholarship Program is centered in the value of care for the whole person and implements specialized advising, support, and mentoring programs. The GSP needed dynamic tools to help track students’ development, engagement, and touch points across campus. This episode gives an overview of the purpose of the GSP program and shows how Salesforce and Traction Guest are making an impact in the growth and development of this very special group of Hoyas.

Douglas Little

Student Experience

Reimagine The Advising Experience with Salesforce Advisor Link

As we adjust to a "new normal" and student expectations change, it is time to rethink how we engage and advise students. Hear how three different institutions are leveraging technology to unify and amplify their advising strategies into this new age through:

  • Providing a holistic view of student data in a single system
  • Leveraging mobile-ready, triggered communication for advisors to communicate directly with students
  • Intelligent data and recommendations to mitigate at-risk students

Navneet Johal

Diane Biesecker

Benjamin Six

Jason Miele

Student Experience

UMass Lowell Student Success CRM strategy: Navigating the challenges of COVID 19

Join this episode to hear how UML pivoted quickly to support on-line learning and remote work during the Covid situation and include:

  • Blackboard integration to CRM for student advising outreach
  • Re-enrollment campaigns - a campus wide effort
  • Supporting students in need - CRM e-forms, case management, workflow and dashboards allow for timely emergency fund disbursement

Doreen Bray

Kerry Donohoe

Student Experience

Using Chatter to Advance Student Social Mobility

If colleges and universities are to be vehicles of socio-economic mobility, diversifying student social networks is key. Join Dr. Jakina R. Debnam, PhD, Assistant Professor of Economics at Amherst College who will share her research on the use of Chatter within one large university – how the technology created an environment where students made more diverse friendships and how the platform can democratize access to information, particularly for students with a lower ability to self-advocate.

Ann LaFave

Dr. Jakina Debnam Guzman

Student Experience

Salesforce Education Cloud: Student Experience

In this session you will learn about the Salesforce Education Cloud and how it benefits the Student Experience for engagement, advising, career services, and one stops. A live demo of the Student Experience will explore these topics.

Brad Beecher

Student Experience

How University of Miami Pivoted and Accelerated their One-Stop due to Covid-19

The University of Miami leveraged an in-progress implementation project focused on establishing a state-of-the-art, “one-stop” experience and pivoted its solution and go-live dates to respond to the unexpected change caused by COVID-19. The University of Miami team will cover:

  • The ’Canes Central one-stop vision
  • The COVID-19 Disruption
  • How they responded and went LIVE a month early
  • Lessons learned on enabling a successful pivot

Ryan Clemens

Florence Parodi

Student Experience

Next-Level Advising: Intuitive Web Forms and Advanced Lightning Components

Stanford University’s Office of Accessible Education (OAE) is pioneering digital advancements to the student experience. The innovative approach includes fully-integrated web forms and custom Lightning components that remove tedious steps previously involved in requests and advisor approvals which simplify the backend, allowing staff to have better data insights.

Jonathan Payne

Shelley Hou

Higher Ed 2020 Sessions - International Spotlight:

International Spotlight

Culture, Complexity and Transformation

In Higher Education, rapid technological change means leveraging digital to transform the student experience. But traditional approaches, culture and mindsets, legacy systems and siloed teams create strong headwinds for agile digital leadership. Hear Iain Harper speak about his work at the world’s oldest university on where and how to start building a culture for change.

Iain Harper

International Spotlight

How to recruit more students with Marketing Intelligence

How successful are our recruitment campaigns? Which campaigns turn out to be most effective? What are the topics that raise most questions for prospective students and their parents? Which are their preferred contact channels? How can we use this information to the benefit of both the customer and ourselves? How can data help us to prevent students from dropping out? Aventus will take you on their (ongoing) journey towards effective recruitment by creating a 360-degree on prospective students.

Bjorn Letink

Vincent Revenboer

International Spotlight

Embracing Digital Transformation in the UK & Europe

Join the pre-keynote discussion to hear from leading UK and European Universities on how they have pivoted, evolved and managed change during covid-19. We will discuss best practises and how technology has played a role in their institution's response.

Mike Page

Jane Armstrong

Sergio Saldaña Prieto

Peter Theunert