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Education Empowered Podcast Series

Education Empowered is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with Trailblazers who are reshaping and rethinking education as we know it. From CIOs and marketing directors to university presidents and K-12 superintendents to advisors and admissions staff – you’ll get a direct line to the changemakers on the frontlines of innovation. Learn how the world of education is changing and what those changes mean for both the sector and society. 

Education Empowered is produced by in partnership with New episodes are released every Thursday. Listen wherever podcasts are heard.

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Podcast Trailer:

S5 EP3: Supporting Students’ Mental Wellness with Dr. Dominique Thompson

Dr. Dominique Thompson discusses the current state of student wellbeing and mental health and what schools and faculty can do to better support student wellness.


S5 EP2: Reimagining the Admissions Experience with Tim Cerato of
Southern New Hampshire University

Learn how Southern New Hampshire University is redesigning the admissions and marketing experience to better serve current and incoming students.


S5E1: Coaching and Advising the Lifelong Learner with Chris Lowery & Jordan Skeen

Chris Lowery, SVP at Ivy Tech Community College, and Jordan Skeen, academic coach at Central New Mexico Community College, discuss the role of advising and career readiness in supporting the success of lifelong learning.


Season 4

S4E7: Virtual Learning in Uncertain Times

We hear from Dr. Adrian Haugabrook, the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the Horizon Group at Southern New Hampshire University, about accelerating virtual learning and the value of social and community-based partnerships.


S4E6: Recruiting and Engaging Gen Z

Katharine Johnson Suski, Executive Director of Admissions and New Student Programs at Iowa State University, explains why engaging Gen Z requires institutions to upgrade their marketing departments and rethink how they connect with prospective students.


S4E5: College and Career Readiness in the Learn-Anywhere World

Sarah Grobbel and Maria Martin from Cherry Creek School District speak to us about how teachers, staff, and administrators can adequately prepare students for higher education and careers in an ever-changing, learn-from-anywhere world.


S4E4: Reenvisioning Affordable and Accessible Higher Education

Dr. Melik Khoury, President of Unity College, shares what the university is doing to improve the student experience in today’s changing world, focusing on affordability, accessibility, and personal passion. 


S4E3: The Power of Strong Staff and Student Connections 

We hear from Diane Biesecker, Acting Director of IT and School Systems and the Salesforce Application Manager at the University of Virginia Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, about how student success technology can make faculty interactions with students more meaningful.


S4E2: The New University with Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn

Jason is joined by thought leaders Michael Horn and Jeff Selingo to discuss the biggest obstacles facing universities today – including student mental health, virtual learning, and what it takes for a college to create a seamless student experience.


S4E1: Addressing Mental Health in Education

To kick off the new season, we’re joined by Kevin Kruger, President and CEO of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, to discuss how institutions can best address growing mental health challenges and the intersection of wellbeing and equity in education.

Jason Belland, VP of Education Cloud Industry Solutions at

Meet the Host

Education Empowered is hosted by Jason Belland, VP of Education Cloud Industry Solutions at Jason leads efforts to deliver solutions designed for colleges and universities to better serve their students. Prior to joining Salesforce, Jason worked with public and private institutions in roles ranging from online learning and instructional design to marketing and CRM — helping schools leverage ideas and technology to drive impact.

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