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Develop, Optimise and Transform for Impact


At, we’ve been hosting amazing events for years, and this time is no different. The DOT org conference exists for one reason: to bring together changemakers from the nonprofit sector — nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, and membership associations — to accelerate their missions and drive impact.

DOT org is a call to action, bringing together you, your team, and like-minded organisations for your development, your team’s optimisation, and your organisation’s transformation.

Choose your perfect day out of three incredible tracks designed to:


Nonprofit organisations are in the business of doing good. Attend one of our Roundtable discussions to get an understanding how equipping the right people to utilise the right technology will accelerate the amount of good you can do.


When you increase your efficiency, you increase your impact. Explore and learn the strategies of high-performing, dynamic tactics of teams who are mastering the art of optimisation.


Maintaining the status quo will not bring about the profound change and impact for which you strive. We’ll help you think differently about how to achieve your mission by transforming your operations and your north star towards the work you do.