What does YOUR Connected Campus look like?

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Higher education is a journey, and to your students,
it’s about more than a degree -- it’s the experience that matters.

As you prepare them to succeed in the ever-changing workplace,
your students expect the level of personalization, support,
and engagement that they get when they log onto Amazon or Netflix.

Delivering a great experience starts with knowing who your
students are and how they are connected to people,
groups, departments and other aspects of your campus.

Many institutions are turning
to Enterprise CRM as a platform
to connect their campuses and move
as fast as today’s students.
They are mobile, social, and flexible
— and so is Salesforce.


Sofia is a high school junior
researching her options
for college. She connects
with you on social media.

This allows you to build
a profile for her that helps
your admissions team
engage her with
targeted communications,
and it creates a more
personalized experience
for her in your applicant
community portal.

prospect volume
enrollment efficiency

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And when Sofia is ready to enroll,
that applicant profile will translate
into a student experience that is
personalized to her from day one.

Student Success

Thanks to your commitment to student success,
Sofia has support from advisors, coaches,
and other college faculty members.

She can track her courses, financial aid,
and extracurriculars all in one place,
accessible everywhere.

And her advisor’s always there to help.

faster response
to student issues
student engagement
& satisfaction

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As her freshman year goes
on, Sofia is having a little
trouble. She is juggling
responsibilities, as her GPA
slips and her library fines
are unpaid.

The school’s data-driven
“early warning” system
detects Sofia’s issues and
automatically alerts her
advisor who reaches out
through the mobile app
to recommend a tutor
or a study group to get
Sofia back on track.

Student Services

If Sofia needs some more help, she can
always walk into the one-stop student service
center. Because every department and office
is connected, she can access all
services from here. Whether it’s the registrar,
financial aid, or anything else, she has
one place to go, and that makes her life
much easier.

From the classroom to the dorm room,
Sofia has a seamless, personalized
student experience.

Career Advising

It’s senior year, and Sofia is set to graduate on time.
The career center uses information in her profile,
including coursework and internship experience,
to help match her with career opportunities.

Career Advising

Sofia schedules several on-campus interviews,
makes the right impression, and gets a job offer
from her number one choice!

& Alumni Relations

Graduation day marks the beginning
of Sofia’s life as a young professional
and proud alumna.

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& Alumni Relations

With Salesforce, your alumni relations
team is empowered to maintain a strong
relationship with Sofia, and send her
communications that matter.

This helps her stay connected, succeed
in her career, and give back.

/ Alumni Relations

Because you’ve been a trusted partner on her
lifelong journey, Sofia knows just the right school
when her daughter is considering her options.

This lifelong, personal journey is powered by the Connected Campus.
At Salesforce.org we do more than just provide the technology to make
this possible; we’re also a trusted partner in your institution’s transformation.
Our mission, like yours, is to make sure every student succeeds.

We’re on this path together. Become a Connected Campus with Salesforce.

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