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Who’s in the Keynote at Higher Ed Summit 2018?

By March 2, 2018

Higher Ed Summit 2018 is a technology conference that’s about much more than technology. Don’t get me wrong — some of the most visionary higher ed technologists will be there. You can see how institutions of all shapes and sizes are reimagining the student experience, attend a workshop to learn new Salesforce skills, and catch a demo of cutting-edge tech like Einstein Artificial Intelligence.

But Higher Ed Summit is also about what our community is doing with technology, but also how and why universities are using technology to transform. It’s about empowerment, equality, and the mission that we share: to help every student succeed.

This year, to honor that mission, we’re doing our Keynote at the Summit a bit differently. We’re not just having one Keynote, but two!

To kick off the conference, we’ll have our “Education Empowered” Keynote, which will feature three stories of innovation and transformation from three trailblazing universities:

Education Empowered

Georgetown University

  • Judd Nicholson, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Linda Buckley, Assistant Vice President, Administrative Applications

University of Massachusetts Lowell

  • Michael Cipriano, Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO
  • Lori Dembowitz, Associate Chief Information Officer
  • Kerry Donohoe, Dean of Academic Services

Southern New Hampshire University

  • Tom Dionisio, Executive Vice President, Technology and Transformation

On the second day of the Summit, we’ll have our “Equality Starts with Education” Keynote, featuring a panel of women leaders from the education sector who are building the workforce of tomorrow:

Equality Starts with Education

  • Yvette Gullat, Vice Provost for Diversity and Engagement and Chief Outreach Officer, University of California System
  • Kyla Johnson-Trammell, Superintendent, Oakland Unified School District
  • Sandra Richtermeyer, Dean of the Manning School of Business, UMass Lowell
  • Yvonne Simon, Chief Learning Architect for College for America and Workforce Partnerships, Southern New Hampshire University
  • Ebony Frelix, SVP, Philanthropy & Engagement,
  • Rob Acker, CEO,

With a lineup like this, the Keynotes at this year’s Summit are sure to provide plenty of insight and inspiration. I hope you’re as excited as we are!

Besides our Keynotes, I’m also looking forward to Madeleine Albright and our other featured plenary speakers.

See you at the Summit!