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What happens on tour won’t stay on tour.

By May 11, 2015

Author: Mags Rivett, Manager, Purple Vision

If you’re off to Las Vegas we can probably agree – as the homily goes – it is in everyone’s best interest that ‘what happens on tour, stays on tour’. If you’re joining the Salesforce World Tour in London – as we are – then what happens on tour will be much too important to keep under wraps!

Here are four reasons why we’re excited:

Dreamforce on your doorstep

en-bnr-sfwt-london-msg2-blog-300x250World Tour is like a manageable, mini Dreamforce, right on your doorstep. You don’t have to schlep to San Francisco – much as we would all love to go, the reality (and let’s be honest, cost) make it a little unrealistic for a lot of people.

Right on your doorstep (or metaphorical doorstep if it’s not right in your home town) you have a gathering of some of the main highlights and key inspirations from Dreamforce – the key people, presentations, inspiring plenaries, product launches, masterclasses for developers, starter classes for those dipping their toe into the world of the cloud. There’s something for everyone. And this one is free to attend. Which make it easy for the boss to sign you out for the day!

Innovation for non-profits

While much of what happens at World Tour is focused on all users (and there are lots of them globally!), there are a couple of sessions specifically for non-profits where our sector’s experiences will have a chance to shine.

What happens in ‘for profit’ often takes a few years to trickle down to non-profit thinking. This is your chance to see what is already in use in retail, science, business and life for other Salesforce users. What will the next non-profit trend be? What could you use today to support your charity? See for yourself rather than following others’ head start!

How could marketing cloud work for you – automation, social monitoring? What about charities dependent on commissioning relationships – what are businesses that track sales leads and relationships up to that you could apply?

There are a number of sessions in the breakouts, and several in the success zone, that will be really handy to check out for charities. And if you’re interested in the code behind the customer interface, the developer zone gives you a chance to get hands-on and see for yourself how some of it works.

Learn, Learn , Learn!

There’s quite the schedule of classes, sessions and workshops to choose from –where to start is the biggest problem. Our team will take the divide and conquer approach making sure we attend as many as possible and share key findings after the event.   In fact, we’ve moved our team meeting to the event, to make sure we can get the most out of it for our clients, and for our personal development, too.

But it’s not just presentations, there’s a whole expo area too with theatres and stages where partners, developers and clients share their stories, case studies, experience, expertise and more.

Inspiring people

I am not sure what the collective noun is for a gathering of Salesforce enthusiasts (a hack? a hangout? a development?) but one thing we know already from previous encounters, they’re typically an inspiring – and very enthusiastic – bunch.

You’ll come away from the event feeling pepped up, ready to put some plans into action, and with a raft of new LinkedIn connections from some challenging, thought-provoking and very professional individuals and organisations.

purple-vision, PartnerAbout Purple Vision: Purple Vision is a consultancy that supports non-profits with technology, digital and data. We are Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partners, and are implementation partners for NGO Connect. Our team boasts impressive Salesforce credentials and experience in implementing – and supporting the use of – Salesforce for a range of charities and non-profit organisations. Find out more about what we offer via