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This Week in Higher Ed Innovation: 5 Must-Read Articles

By September 14, 2016

Here are the #edtech and Salesforce for Higher Ed articles on our reading list this week. Enjoy!

Social Studio on Campus1. Create a Collaborative Campus Social Environment with Social Studio
By: Brent Wege via Brent’s Marketing Minute
For most colleges and universities, social is a shared responsibility. In this post, solution engineer Brent Wege explores how to use Social Studio to give every department and group their own social workspace, while driving alignment and brand consistency.

Digital badges2. Digital Badges and Academic Transformation
By: Veronica Diaz via @EDUCAUSEreview
It’s time for higher ed to take a lesson from the Girl Scouts. Badges — digital ones, that is — may be the future currency of academic achievement.

Number 73. Top 7 Campus Technology Stories in August
By: Rhea Kelly via @Campus_Tech
It’s kind of meta to include an article roundup as one of the articles in our roundup, but this one’s a great read!

4. Bay Area Schools Use Corporate Donors to Expand Math, Science
School volunteer
By: Tara García Mathewson via @EducationDive
Our latest pledge to San Francisco and Oakland public schools aims to expand math and science programs, drive innovation and diversity, and ultimately increase graduation rates.

VR for Medical5. 3 Ways Med Students Can Use Virtual Reality
By: @megbcortez via @EdTech_HigherEd
Realistic virtual simulations may one day be a primary source of training for the next generation of doctors.

We’ll be back next week with 5 fresh articles. In the meantime, follow @SalesforceOrg on Twitter for the latest in #edtech.