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Watch for falling Nuggets (of Knowledge)!

By December 14, 2015

Today we’re launching “Nuggets!” Don’t worry, that’s a good thing. Let me explain…

NuggetsLet’s face it, as helpful as Chatter is for collaboration and sharing in the Power of Us Hub community, sometimes the super useful community generated tips and tricks that get shared can feel fleeting or somehow indigestible, like watching wide-load trucks full of awesome knowledge barrel down the freeway. We find ourselves asking, “where was that great post about creating badges for Contact types,” or “I just want a simple tip to help me with X.”

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a new pilot feature in the Hub called “Nuggets of Knowledge” designed to help surface some of the most useful community created tips and tricks from the Hub.

Don’t get me wrong, Chatter isn’t SnapChat – posts are archived and available in the community forever. You can access them through Chatter Questions or via global search. But when we surveyed Hub users, one of their biggest requests was about finding a better way to “save” or “digest” useful posts and have them readily available for reference when needed.

Meanwhile, Sam Dorman, a nonprofit technology consultant who was integral in the founding of the Hub, had been working with us on a way to be able to capture and categorize these types of “nuggets” of knowledge more easily. Since one of the Hub’s goals is to arm our users with the tools they need to take best advantage of technology to further their missions, we needed better tools to highlight great content.

Thus, “Nuggets of Knowledge” (and Nougat the Nugget) was born. Sam worked with’s Tech & Products team and Hub community leaders to identify and curate some great initial nuggets, create the framework for the site, and then design and develop the pilot site itself.

Nugget Example

We’ve made sure to keep the “Nuggets” idea really simple. Users in the Hub can easily submit a tip or a “nugget”, which is then managed by a topic curator. All Nuggets are then accessible via a landing page in the Hub where they are organized into a handful of carefully-chosen categories.

This is a pilot project, so please don’t expect a super-slick, finished user interface. Before we invest more time and energy into creating a final product, we want to be sure that the community will find it useful.

This is where you come in! Please login to the Hub, click on the Nuggets tab and give it a spin. If you have thoughts or feedback about the Nuggets idea or how it works in the Hub, we want to hear it. Click the “Feedback” button on the right side of every page in the Hub or share it in this group in the Hub. Thank you!