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TOUCH Seniors’ Activity Centre, Singapore Benefits from 1-1-1 Model

By October 1, 2014

Giving back is an integral part of the mission! We do this through our 1-1-1 model, a simple idea whereby we give 1 percent of our resources, 1 percent of our people’s time and 1 percent of our technology to help improve communities around the world. Singapore demonstrates the 1-1-1 model perfectly in their engagement with TOUCH Seniors’ Activity Centre, an initiative set up by TOUCH Community Services which seeks to improve the quality of life for senior citizens in Geylang Bahru, Singapore.

TOUCH Seniors' Activity Centre


Here’s how TOUCH Activity Centre has benefitted from the 1-1-1 model:


TOUCH Activity Centre received 10 donated licenses from through the Power of Us program and Salesforce volunteers piloted a database management system for the centre in April 2014. After much success, they are looking to adopt it org-wide to help streamline their database and increase efficiencies.


Last year, Salesforce Singapore raised a total of 100,000 SGD for TOUCH Seniors’ Activity Centre. This was divided evenly between their ‘Seniors for Seniors’ Program and the ‘Visual Arts Program for TCIL’. This donation helped the organization expand their programs and reach more senior citizens in need of support.



Salesforce Employees have contributed time (both pro bono and traditional volunteering) to TOUCH over the past year. Salesforce volunteers have worked with three of their social service arms — TOUCH Seniors’ Activity Center, TOUCH Home Care and TOUCH Center for Independent Living. Some of the activities they took part in include; packing and delivering food to seniors in Geylang Bahru, and accompanying a group of seniors to the National Museum of Singapore.

TOUCH Seniors’ Activity Centre is one of the many organizations who are engaged with through the 1-1-1 model. If you think you’re organization might benefit from similar assistance, either through license donations or volunteer work, please contact us.