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3 Tips to Ensure Your Lifelong Learning Program Hits the Mark

By June 15, 2022

During and post-pandemic, the options for lifelong learning courses, programs, and certificates have skyrocketed. There is no shortage of options for learners looking to upskill and reskill. Here are three tips to have your lifelong learning program stand out among the competition.

1. Differentiated Experience

Simply put, the best online experience a customer has anywhere becomes the experience they expect everywhere. The reputation of a learning institution drives initial interest, but it’s the experience that keeps learners enrolled (and re-enrolled) in future programs. Recruiting prospective learners and nurturing them requires the ability to provide a differentiated experience, including a simple registration and purchasing experience. Any disconnect between processes that cause additional work for the learner can be frustrating, leaving the institution with an abandoned shopping cart.

2. Communication Channels Matter

Email, phone, text, social media — there are so many opportunities to connect with learners. Understanding engagement preferences of learners and delivering communication, segmented by age group and demographic, can be the difference between over communicating to prospective students and making an impactful connection. To learn more, dive into our recent research in partnership with UPCEA, which is focused on lifelong learner communication preferences.

Three people standing in front of a banner smiling
Anni Schleicher, Salim Bradley, Chris Coppa (aka team!) at the UPCEA Conference, 2022.

3. Personalization Is Here To Stay

Understanding the needs of today’s students and alumni has never been more important. Personalization is experienced in various ways today — Amazon prompts you to view ‘similar items you may like’, Uber knows exactly where to pick you up, and Gmail autofills your email text for you as you write.

Personalization is important in the way you reach your prospects through customized communications, and in the courses and learning delivered. It’s not just how learning is done, it’s what we learn that is becoming more personalized. For example, digital credentials offer short courses on a single topic, which is relevant and up-to-date, and learners can pick and choose what they need to learn for their professional and personal learning.

Today’s higher education leaders are responding to ever-evolving needs of their students, staff, alumni, and community stakeholders. The nature of the workplace is also undergoing a sea change where job titles and responsibilities are endlessly evolving. Lifelong learning is not only a trend, it’s an indispensable facet of modern life — essential for innovation and economic growth.

About the Authors

“Alanna Rasbach, Senior Marketing Manager, Industry Marketing, EMEAAlanna Rasbach
Senior Marketing Manager, Industry Marketing, EMEA
Alanna Rasbach is a proud member of the Industry Marketing team supporting the International business within Alanna is a dedicated problem solver and loves bridging her interest in technology and higher education to support the transformation mission of institutions globally. A passionate advocate of blue sky thinking and blue ocean strategy, Alanna has developed her global outlook while working at higher education institutions in both Canada and the U.K.
“Anni Schleicher, Director of Industry Marketing - EducationAnni Schleicher
Director of Industry Marketing – Education
Anni Schleicher has been a part of the educational technology community for over 15 years. At, she leads Industry Marketing for the Professional Learning segment of Education Cloud.
Prior to Salesforce, Anni held leadership positions in sales, management, and operations at McGraw-Hill Education, focused on developing innovative market strategies and commercial models. She led the sales operations, commercial operations and business intelligence teams connecting people, developing processes and leveraging technology toward growth.
She is a graduate of Marquette University College of Business Administration and studied global business at both University of Deusto and University of Antwerp. She is a passionate supporter of education through her alma maters and local school district.