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This Year’s Cloud Run Australia is Going to be Epic!

By September 25, 2015

Cloud Run

By: Jessica McDonald, Business Development Representative, Salesforce

This year, the Salesforce Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) office is aiming to raise AU$50,000 for charity and also 70% employee participation, creating the biggest Cloud Run event to occur in ANZ Salesforce history.

Last year, at Pymont Park in Sydney and the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Melbourne, Salesforce employees turned up for an afternoon 5KM run, raising a truly impressive AU$20,000 for charity.

Cloud Run has been significant in helping to build team spirit and motivation within the Salesforce office and has also allowed employees to engage and collaborate with others outside their normal business units. Fun runs, in general, have been proven to develop confidence, reduce stress and anxiety levels, increase a healthy lifestyle, and overall improve the social scene of the business environment.

In 2015, the Salesforce ANZ office is aiming to raise over $50,000 in funds to go towards two charities; Foodbank Victoria and Cerebral Palsy Alliance, and to also see 70%+ participation from staff members. Being involved in the race is an achievement in itself, and finishing the race is a bonus.

It will kick-off at 3PM on Friday 9th October at Pyrmont Park in Sydney and from the MCG in Melbourne. At the Sydney event, the race will also incorporate a “Manager’s Dash,” which will see all the managers from all the business units across the office complete a 100 meter sprint race.

2015 will also see the first ever inclusion from Salesforce’s implementation partners, System Partners and Deloitte Digital. They have both pledged funds towards the two charities and will also participate in the event.

The Cloud Run is one of Salesforce’s largest foundation events and is truly something everyone should support and get behind.

If you’d like to participate or donate to another runner please visit the website: