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The Season of Giving

By December 24, 2013

Every season is a season of giving at, but the holidays are an especially important time to give back. And employees have been keeping busy. Take a look at some of our recent volunteer activities:

St Anthony's volunteers

Last week, a team of volunteers served food to those in need at St. Anthony’s in San Francisco. Part of the Foundation’s mission is to help employees around the globe find impactful ways to give back and stay involved in their local communities throughout the year.

Helping at a refugee camp in Munich

In Munich, a group of volunteers had the opportunity to support refugees from Syria and Afghanistan by renovating the recreational rooms in a local refugee camp.  These volunteers are looking forward to finding additional ways they can help in the future.

Gift wrapping at the Hamilton Family Center

Another team of employee volunteers had fun helping to prepare for the holidays by wrapping gifts for the many recipients of the Hamilton Family Center. Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO of, also donated $500,000 to the Center to help end homelessness.

Star Community House Volunteers

This holiday season, volunteers also pitched in at the Star Community Home.

If you are a nonprofit in need of some helping hands, you can request volunteers to come chip in. Happy holidays from!