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The Power of Apps: FormTitan

By June 16, 2018

By: Sergey Erlikh, Co-Leader of The Netherlands Nonprofit User Group, Salesforce MVP

We’ve been away for a while, but now we’re back with more apps to showcase in the Power of Apps series! This time, we’re kicking off with an app that’s helping nonprofits spin up smart forms, integrated with Salesforce! Here we talk with Co-Founders of FormTitan, Benny and Amy Tsaba.

FormTitan image

How did FormTitan start and what’s the app’s main use case and unique features?

Benny: Our run-in with Salesforce was quite accidental. Yuval Spin, from NPTech, was using the FormTitan platform in a project he was involved in. We were on the phone daily and he was always nagging me about adding a Salesforce integration. Though it was always our plan to connect with CRM solutions, we thought this would only take place at a much later stage. However, Yuval was quite persuasive – he said if we were to add the Salesforce integration he would definitely use our platform for a few projects he had already lined up. So we did it.

Amy: The Salesforce integration was raw at first, but after one year, it evolved really fast, based on Yuval’s and many other Salesforce users’ live feedbacks. The repercussions of this were amazing. We wanted to give our own interpretation of how a Salesforce integration should be, so we just tried to meet our clients’ needs the best we could and I guess it was more than enough.

How are nonprofits using your app, what type of problems does it solve for them?

Benny: The main problems that we solve is the interaction with external users, volunteer activity, donations, and custom object data manipulation. Our tool gives a non-developer an easy way to build a custom solution with zero coding and at the lowest price.

Why should ISVs support the nonprofit community?

Benny: We live in a capitalistic world where everything has a price tag, however, there are still people who spend time and efforts trying to help the greater good. We believe in giving back and that every business should help the community. Our prices are low, and providing additional discounts allow nonprofits to use the most advanced technology (otherwise out of their reach) to become more efficient, focus on their core activities and fulfill their purpose. We believe that this is the right thing to do – and that’s all.

How can nonprofits get started with the FormTitan app?

Benny: If you want to see how the app can help you, simply schedule an online demo using:

Do you have any customer case studies you can share?

Amy: Yes, there are two customers we spoke to recently about the success of the solution. The Canby Center, located in Canby, Oregon, USA which offers assistance in life skills, health, faith, education, and recreation, and JDC Isreal Eshel, which aims to improve the well-being of vulnerable older adults in Israel by advancing their autonomy, functional ability and independence.

Canby CentreRay keen, Executive Director of Canby Center describes their work with FormTitan – “FormTitan has opened up a universe of options to us. We use FormTitan to keep in touch with our volunteers who logged 7,031 hours last year using a FormTitan kiosk. 118,498 pounds of food and 84,164 pounds of clothing were donated to The Canby Center last year and FormTitan helped us track every pound, in real-time, through a data push to Salesforce. Incredible! Behind the power of FormTitan is a team of can-do professionals who not only support their app incredibly well, they jump at the chance to broaden and deepen core functionality. I’ve tried several other form builders, paid a lot more, and never achieved so much as I have with the help of Form Titan.”

JDC Israel EshelYehonatan Leurer, a Salesforce expert that supports JDC Isreal Eshel with their most complicated projects was requested to develop a new service for the organisation. It took Yehonatan two days using the FormTitan builder to create a new fully automated service integrated to Salesforce cases to handle all the requests coming from the welfare departments.

“The end result was a dramatic decrease in the process duration and excellent we feedback from the welfare employees who can access online services available from anywhere, using their mobile and tablets. All the cases are logged in Salesforce and can be easily tracked and managed. And this was only the beginning, since then I’ve implemented dozen of different services using FormTitan.”

To learn more about FormTitan, see their website or Salesforce AppExchange listing. You can also read more app interview in the Power of Apps series. See you next time!