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Summer Education Highlights in Japan

By September 16, 2017

By: Haruka Maruno, Japan Program Manager,


In support of’s Education initiatives, Salesforce Japan held six children’s and young adult’s summer programs across the month of August in which we had 142 participants. The activities included various programming workshops, presentations and seminars and we also hosted a careers session. As always we were delighted to have Salesforce employee volunteers from Tokyo and Osaka to support us using their Volunteer Time Off.

Kids Plaza Osaka

●8/3-5 STEM Camp at ギャラクシティ
STEM教育のパートナーCANVASと協働で、足立区の教育施設「ギャラクシティ」にて月に1回のプログラミングワークショップを開催しています。今回は夏休み特別企画として、足立区在住の小学4年生~6年生まで計15名を対象に、3日間の連続講座【なつやすみSTEM CAMP!「デジタルきゃんばすのオリジナルゲームをつくろう!】を開催しましたビジュアルプログラミング言語「Scratch」とモーションセンサーの「Kinect」を使ってチームごとにオリジナルゲームを作り、講座の最終成果として、実際にギャラクシティに来館した子ども達に遊んでもらうという企画です。こどもたちからは「みんなで協力して楽しかった。作ったゲームに、お客さんからおもしろかったと言ってもらってうれしかった。」「はじめてあった友達と一緒にプログラミングができてよかった。」といった感想が寄せられました。

STEM camp at Galaxcity

Salesforce Japan regularly delivers a STEM camp in collaboration with our Japan education partner CANVAS at Galaxcity – an educational facility in Adachi-ku. In August, we had the opportunity to hold a special three-day summer program to allow participants to dive deeper into programming. We challenged 15 kids to create an original computer game using Scratch and Kinect. At the end of the three days, participants got the chance to launch and present their game to visitors at Galaxcity, who also got to test out the new games!

One participant said – “It was really fun creating the game with the other team members – and I was so glad to hear that the visitors enjoyed it.”


●8/8 Girls in Tech主催 女子向けプログラミング講座 (企画協力:CANVAS
社員リーダー 舟越 美宝(Developer Marketing Program Senior Manager, Marketing, Salesforce Japan)

●8/16 多文化共生センター東京主催 キャリアセミナー
社員リーダー 河村 嘉之(Sr. Software Engineer, R&D, Salesforce Japan)

●8/17 日本教育再興連盟主催 つぼみプロジェクト 福島のこどもたちのオフィス訪問(企画協力:CANVAS
社員リーダー 新村 見二(Employee Recruiter, Recruiting, Salesforce Japan)

●8/22 さぽうと21主催 キャリアセミナー
社員リーダー 武田 一臣(Senior Employee Recruiter, Recruiting, Salesforce Japan)

●8/22 キッズプラザ大阪主催 プログラミングワークショップ(企画協力:CANVAS
未就学児〜小学生まで計45名の子どもたちを対象に、「Scratch Jr.」講座を開催。オリジナルのアニメーションを作りました。
社員リーダー 川俣 大(Account Executive, Sales, Salesforce Japan)

On August 8th we held a girl’s programming class with Girls in Tech Japan, supported by CANVAS. During the class, 14 elementary students learned “Pyonkee”, a Scratch based visual programming language for the iPad. This class was led by Salesforce employee Miho Funakoshi, Senior Manager of Developer Marketing.

Then, on 16th August, Kazuyuki Kawamura, Senior Software Engineer at Salesforce Japan led a careers seminar for students from the Multicultural Center Tokyo. 10 high school students got the chance to listen and ask questions to Salesforce employees about their career development and they also enjoyed a robotics workshop with “Sphero”.

Partnering with the Renaissance of Japanese Education and CANVAS, we welcomed a group of 20 elementary and high school students from Fukushima. During the visit which was led by Kenji Niimura, a recruiter at Salesforce Japan, the students attended a discussion around PR and also took part in a coding session where they used Scratch and MakeyMakey to convert a drawing into a musical instrument.

On August 22nd, we carried out another careers seminar with Support 21 for 38 students who also got to experience Marunouchi Quest. This event was led by Kazuomi Takeda, Senior Recruiter at Salesforce Japan.

WFD Support 21

On the same day we held a programming workshop with Kids Plaza Osaka, supported by CANVAS. 45 kids took part in a Scratch Jr. workshop and created an original animation. This activity was led by Dai Kawamata, Account Executive at Salesforce Japan.

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