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Salesforce’s Academic Alliance

By July 17, 2015

Cloud computing is the new normal. Are your students ready?

Salesforce offers an amazing set of cloud based sales, marketing, service, collaboration, security, and analytics capabilities, as well as the ability to create your own solutions on the Salesforce1 Platform. Salesforce is used by a wide range of companies from small start-ups to large enterprise companies in various industries.

Today’s jobs are all transitioning onto tomorrow’s technology. Cloud computing has moved into mainstream. As employers embrace this new reality, they’re finding it increasingly difficult to find people with the knowledge and expertise required for the jobs.

Are students getting the right skills and credentials they need to break new ground?

In the US and around the world, academic institutions have always been known to provide great theoretical skills to their students. Whether it is in business, marketing, data science, computer science or others, most students graduate with solid skills and a knowledge base that enables them to find jobs within their area of expertise. In more recent years, some academic institutions have shifted to offering more practical, hands-on and real world experiences to their students, coupled with strong theoretical skills and knowledge. This shift has proven to graduate students who are more competitive, increase students’ employability, and enable them to move up the ladder quicker.

Here are few Salesforce examples worth mentioning:

    • The demand for Salesforce skills is growing

Demand for Salesforce skillsSalesforce Job Trends

  • Salesforce skills offer a vibrant ecosystem
    1. The company has over 200,000 customer companies that use the Salesforce1 Platform. Each of these companies leverage Salesforce for critical business functions. In many cases, these customers are expanding their use of Salesforce and need experts to help determine how best to leverage the myriad of capabilities.
    2. Salesforce has around 2,200 partners including numerous Salesforce system integrators that help companies think of innovative way to use the Salesforce1 Platform. Most of the larger system integrators have a team of Salesforce experts who work with companies that are starting to use Salesforce or expanding their use of Salesforce. These system integrators are focused on helping companies innovate with Salesforce.
    3. There are close to 2,000 companies that are built on top of the Salesforce1 Platform. These companies can be found on the AppExchange and often need Salesforce experts as they continue to build out their specific capabilities. Some of the AppExchange solutions are built 100 percent natively on the Salesforce1 Platform.
    4. Over 25,000 Non-profits are also using Salesforce to run their organizations. They are hiring Salesforce admins, developers, and architects to implement business solutions and drive innovation.
  • 300,000+ jobs were created in the past year for people with Salesforce skills, out of which 30% are offering $100,000 salaries

For these reasons, Salesforce experts are in high demand. Educators are working hard to close this widening gap and help students break new ground.

Whether you’re a university, college, or a non-profit, our adaptable curricula make it easier for you to integrate Salesforce training into your existing program—it’s customizable for educators and practical for students.

Salesforce skills launch careers. By offering your students real skills for the real world, you’re boosting their employability and preparing them to be competitive in a brave new world.

Check out how the University of San Francisco (USF) is using Salesforce’s Academic Alliance program to offer practical, hands-on training and certification to arm their students with the skills they need to leverage the full power of the industry’s leading cloud platform and provide them with real world skills upon graduation. USF is sharing the reason why Academic Alliance is important to them and where they see this partnership going:

If you are interested in building up your students Salesforce skills, register today on the Academic Alliance webpage for more information about the program.

Your students future starts now!