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Salesforce World Tour Tokyo!

By Haruka Maruno December 12, 2014
Salesforce World Tour Japan - Foundation

1 Action 1Smile Campaign – Treat Wrapping

What an amazing Foundation presence at the Salesforce World Tour Tokyo. The event, which is the largest of its kind in Japan, was held on December 4th and attracted 6,223 people to the Prince Park Tower Tokyo and Toranomon Hills, while an additional 320,000 watched sessions and keynotes via Salesforce LIVE.

Foundation speakers included Mr. McJilton, Executive Director of Second Harvest Japan, who spoke about the fight against hunger in the pre-show and Ms. Doi, Japan Director of Human Rights Watch shared the organization’s mission and their partnership with Salesforce during the Keynote. You can view the session videos here.

Highlights from Tokyo

1 Action, 1 Smile Campaign

The “1 Action, 1 Smile” Campaign which the Foundation ran in a partnership with Second Harvest Japan aims to take tackle food poverty in Japan. Four activities made up the campaign which resulted in delivering 5,459 meals for those in need.

1,054 packaged foods were donated across four food-collection booths in two venues, 700 wrapped treats were collected for children living in foster homes and our Twitter donation campaign raised 2,305 meals.

The Twitter campaign was supported by Salesforce Japan who donated 100 JPY for every tweet that included the hashtag #salesforce or #food. In total, 2,305 tweets were sent and 230,500 JPY was donated to Second Harvest Japan. Second Harvest Japan also received donations totally 140,000 JPY which is the equivalent to 1,400 meals.

Salesforce 1 Tour Japan - Mark Benioff

Mark Benioff with Mr. Aita, Second Harvest Japan

Foundation Sessions, Seminars and Consulting

It was great to see so many Foundation activities throughout the event. In a breakout session, Ms. Monda, a representative from AIDS Orphan Support NGO PLAS (Positive Living through AIDS orphan Support) shared Salesforce best practices and explained how with only two full-time staff they could achieve 305% growth in donations from using Salesforce.

Nonprofit session_Ms.Monda from PLAS_1

Ms. Monda, PLAS – Nonprofit Session

During an open mini theater, held an introductory seminar and talked about the product suite, how to introduce these to nonprofits and also about customer support.

Our business partners NPO Support Center and FUNDREX also offered a free Salesforce consulting meeting at the venue for nonprofits – a great opportunity to get one-to-one professional advice.

2014年12月4日(木)ザ・プリンスパークタワー東京と虎ノ門ヒルズフォーラムの両会場にて、国内最大規模のクラウドコンピューティングイベント、Salesforce World Tour Tokyoを開催しました。当日の来場者数は6,223名、32万人を超える方がSalesforce LIVEを通じて基調講演やセッションの様子を視聴してくださいました。プレショーではセカンドハーベスト・ジャパン理事長のチャールズ・マクジルトン様より日本の食の貧困についてお話していただき、基調講演では国際NGOヒューマン・ライツ・ウォッチ日本代表の土井香苗様より団体のミッションやセールスフォース・ドットコムとのパートナーシップについてお話いただきました。イベント当日の動画はこちらのサイトからご覧いただけます。以下、当日のハイライトです。

1 Action, 1 Smileキャンペーン

セカンドハーベスト・ジャパンと協働で、日本の食の貧困問題の解決に向けて「1 Action, 1 Smile」キャンペーンを実施、イベント参加者のみなさまとともに4つのアクションを実施しました。多くの方々に協力いただいた結果、合計で5,459食を、支援を必要としている方々へお届けすることができました。










特定非営利活動法人エイズ孤児支援NGO・PLAS代表理事門田瑠衣子様によるブレイクアウトセッション「Salesforce がアフリカのエイズ孤児を救う – 非営利団体の Salesforce 活用事例紹介」では、国内常勤スタッフ2名で Salesforce の機能を最大限に生かし、寄付額 305% 増を実現した非営利団体 PLAS のベストプラクティスをご紹介しました。オープンミニシアターでは、これからSalesforceお使いになる団体を対象に「見て聞いてわかる、Salesforceはじめの一歩」セミナーを実施。Salesforceでできること、契約の流れ、活用支援などについてご説明しました。