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Salesforce World Tour London – A Higher Ed Perspective

By April 20, 2016

londonAre you a Higher Ed professional thinking about attending the Salesforce World Tour in London this May? Our annual event offers a whole host of opportunities to learn, network and have fun.

But don’t just take our word for it; hear from one of our Higher Ed customers who attended the event last year.


By Stewart Anderson, IT Manager, Edinburgh Research and Innovation Ltd.

When I think of the Salesforce World Tour London, the initial words which spring to mind are “vast”, “Informative” and “packed”. I was quite taken back by the scale of the event and how Salesforce managed to manage everything perfectly, so a “tip of the cap” to everyone involved in the event.

I registered for the event as I was hoping to meet some people from other companies and institutions to share some experiences and also meet with Salesforce Developers and Salesforce trainers, to find out tips/tricks and best practices for Salesforce. I also wanted to see live product demonstrations, with representatives that I can talk with, I’m not a fan of just watching a video of a product in action, I like to see it live and then be able to discuss how it could work for my institution.

At the event, I met with a few companies and spoke to them about their products along with some other attendees who I spoke to about how they were using Salesforce in their own organisations. What I had learned was just how adaptable it was, especially with the power of Apex and Visualforce Pages but even at a non-coding level where workflows can be setup quickly to provide some very powerful automation. Salesforce is excellent at being a CRM although it should be thought of as a platform for your internet of things, which has an excellent CRM built in.

Salesforce World Tour is a one stop shop for training of the systems, meeting with Salesforce experts, seeing product demonstrations (live) and meeting with people from other institutions and sharing lessons learned and best practices. I’ve never had an issue speaking with others at the event and have been surprised by what others are willing to share. If anything it is a great place to make new contacts who can be a wealth of information. It can also be great to get the non-standard perspective of how to use Salesforce and get the Higher Ed perspective from someone who works in the environment and hear how it can be adapted.

All in all it was a great day, well worth flying down from Edinburgh for and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I raise a glass to all Salesforce for developing a great product and putting together a great event.

Stewart Anderson

About Stewart: Stewart Anderson is IT Manager for Edinburgh Research and Innovation Ltd, a subsidiary company of the University of Edinburgh. Under his leadership the IT department supports 180 end users, across a range of platforms and devices, in various locations across the UK. In his personal life, Stewart is member of the British Computer Society and also a recognised STEM Ambassador supporting schools and educational institutions with ICT questions along with providing presentations to both teachers and pupils. Stewart is passionate about technology, efficiency and integration and with this strives to harness the power of technology solutions to drive the business forward while still maintaining outstanding quality of service.

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