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Salesforce Paris – Pumped for EU Code Week

By October 17, 2016

Audrey BayardThis EU Code week employees from Salesforce Paris are sharing their skills and helping to inspire the next generation of coders.

We talked to Audrey Bayard, Enterprise Marketing Specialist at Salesforce and CoderDojo mentor about her EU Code Week plans and her thoughts around getting involved in the ‘learn to code’ movement that’s sweeping across Europe.

Audrey, what are your plans for EU Code Week at Salesforce Paris?

I think all kids should learn how to code and have the opportunity to discover the world of computing. During EU Code Week 2016, Salesforce Paris will host a group of 30 kids around 7 years old and introduce them to computer science basics by building a game using Scratch.

In France, we’re really welcoming a new culture; a digital culture. Coding programs are now in the school curriculum, even from primary school. It’s important that we all commit to ensuring every child has access to these new technologies, and for free – CoderDojo really helps make this a reality.

How did you first get involved in CoderDojo?

salesforce-coderdojo-franceDuring the Salesforce World Tour London in 2015, the marketing developer team organised a session with kids to teach them the programming with CoderDojo. I met Veronique Laville (an attendee) who was really impressed by this workshop. Together with Guillaume Roques we chatted about creating a Paris Dojo. And one month later, we launched our CoderDojo HC2 (Happy Children, Happy Code) at the Salesforce World Tour Paris with 50 children. It was the beginning of a fabulous story – we now have around 60 kids from 5 to 14 years old enrolled every month, with many Salesforce volunteers helping out.

What impact does CoderDojo have on kids who attend?

It’s like Christmas every month; they’re amazed to see robotics, to learn how to build a video game, a website, or an application. Children appreciate being creative, so we leave them to customise their robots and give them the opportunity to realise their ideas! It’s always a fun experience and an energetic atmosphere. They can’t wait for the next workshop!

How can companies support the the ‘learn to code’ movement?

Volunteers are usually defined by their motivation to become involved in a project, using their skills to help those in need. Being part of the CoderDojo movement is very easy: find people in your company who are passionate and want to teach programming and technology to the next generation (no skills needed). Find a good place to organise the sessions. Brainstorm with your team and schedule the workshops. There are lots of learning resources available on this website and you can also create your own – go on, be creative 🙂

Finally, promote your Dojo with a Twitter and Facebook account and through your networks and then on D-Day – start coding and have great fun with the ninjas!

Check out all the events happening during EU Code Week here and follow the conversation on Twitter #codeEU @CodeWeekEU