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By Tiffany Wang April 5, 2019

AI for Good Week
Last month, celebrated our first-ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Good Week, where an entire week was dedicated to focus on this emerging technology and how nonprofits and higher ed institutions can use AI to have a greater impact. AI provides many opportunities while presenting challenges to nonprofits and higher ed institutions. As an example, we typically look to technology to help us work smarter, not harder. While traditional reporting has been looking at past data, AI allows people to become proactive by considering data-driven recommendations for the next best action, prioritize a list of donors or students to call, and more.

This blog is a summary of some partners that also have AI-related insights and expertise, so your teams can better understand how to put AI to use in your organization.

accenture consultingRecent Accenture research is uncovering AI in Public Service. AI is already transforming many areas within the private sector, but its enormous disruptive potential won’t stop there. The societal and economic innovations created by these technologies will soon have a very real presence in every industry — including the public sector.

atriumAtrium’s goal is to create access for NGOs to world-class Machine Learning and Data Science by supplying the brains and know-how. They are just getting started and looking forward to the insights they will develop around helping great causes adopt pioneering trends in Machine Learning.

Cloud for GoodCloud for Good is a Premium implementation partner that has the expertise and experience to help Nonprofit and Higher Education Institutions implement Salesforce, including Einstein Analytics. They work with organizations to strategize and implement Einstein Analytics as well as train admins on all components of managing their Einstein products from managing data flow to dashboard design in an effort to continue their success within the platform.

conversicaConversica’s AI-Powered Admissions Assistant for higher education personalizes communications with applicants to accelerate your best leads. Engaging prospective students takes time, effort and close monitoring. The AI Admissions Assistant facilitates one-on-one personal email or SMS conversations with each prospective student and interprets every email response from a prospective student and automatically alerts an enrollment officer the minute interest changes to intent.

Deloitte’s analytics practice is built around a wide range of needs our clients. Deloitte’s data scientists, data architects, business and domain specialists bring a wealth of business-specific knowledge, visualization and design specialists, and of course technology and application engineers to deliver insights and outcomes.

fiontaYou might say that Fíonta has been working in the artificial AI space for decades. Co-founder, Dr. Lisa Rau has a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science, with a focus on AI and led AI research for eight years at GE Corporate Research, where she published 50-some articles in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Fast forward to 2019 and nonprofit organizations are beginning to reap the benefits of AI and machine learning.

GravytyGravyty is an AI solution for frontline fundraisers. With Gravyty’s AI-enabled fundraising solution, an out-of-the-box suite of tools available on the Salesforce AppExchange, gift officers spend less time sorting through data and dashboards, and more time in conversations that lead to transformational gifts. Gravyty’s AI does this by simplifying data and generating personalized email drafts and recommending the best next steps and actions for frontline fundraisers to take – all through their email inbox. With Gravyty’s AI-enabled fundraising solution, Advancement shops are expanding their workforces, systematically driving pipeline growth, and allowing frontline fundraisers to build personalized relationships at scale.

Mogli SMSAre you realizing the benefits of Intelligent Text Messaging? With Mogli SMS, you can extend your reach with greater response rates and lower costs than calls & emails. Mogli SMS is a native Salesforce text messaging application that provides engaging 1:1 conversations, bulk messaging, SMS surveys and automated notifications directly from Salesforce.

Traction on DemandAI has the potential to be a force for good, creating opportunities that drive employee engagement and better productivity for companies. Traction on Demand, for example, has leveraged their Pulse application to understand that a lot of employees love working with non-profit clients, and have undertaken efforts to find more non-profit projects to help maintain strong engagement. Pulse leverages the Salesforce platform alongside Einstein Analytics, Salesforce’s powerful AI product to process data and provide meaningful insights.

This summary of what our partners are doing with AI is current as of April 2019. For the latest info on our partners, visit the nonprofit partners or higher education partners pages or follow @SFDOPartners on Twitter.

About the Author
Tiffany WangTiffany Wang is a Partner Marketing Manager, Global Alliances at She works to provide partners with tools to enable success, so partners can help nonprofits and educators use technology to connect with others and do more good. Prior to her work at, Tiffany worked in partner marketing at Google and Dropbox. Connect with her on LinkedIn.