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By January 8, 2016


By Haruka Maruno, Community Program Lead, Japan

Japanese version below

The Salesforce World Tour Tokyo on Dec 3rd and 4th was a huge success with over 8,000 attendees including 100 nonprofits attendees who joined us at Ryogoku Kokugikan(sumo stadium), the Prince Park Tower Tokyo and Toranomon Hills. In the keynote, Ms. Ishido, President of CANVAS shared the organization’s mission, the future of technology and  science in education and the partnership with Japan’s STEM program. You can view the session videos here. Below are some highlights of the event;

1 Action, 1 Smile Campaign

salesforce world tour tokyo - giving back

The “1 Action, 1 Smile” Campaign, which ran in a partnership with several Japanese nonprofit organizations, offered attendees  6 different ‘Giving Back’ opportunities.

On day 1, 2,000 gifts were wrapped for mothers from one of the earthquake/tsunami disaster areas in Japan – this activity was organized with JOICFP.

On day 2, 200 bags of rice were packed by attendees and delivered to families in need through the food bank, Second Harvest Japan. And, 100 participants including children, visited the Kids Coding booth, runwith CANVAS, where they took part in the Hour of Code and other STEM learning materials.

Our Book and Food Drive was also successful. As a result, 653 books were donated to Florence, and 371 foods delivered to single-parent families through Second Harvest Japan.

The World Tour Twitter fundraising campaign was supported by Salesforce Japan who donated 100 JPY for every tweet that included the hashtag #salesforce or #canvasjp. In total, 6,000 tweets were sent and 600,000 JPY was donated to CANVAS.

Nonprofit sessions and seminars

In a breakout session, Florence,  a social enterprise that aims to solve social issues for parents and children, shared its 10 years progress with Salesforce and best practices on using it. There were 300 in attendance, from both the nonprofit and corporate world.

Our business partners NPO Support Center and FUNDREX also organized a seminar during the event. Representatives from Japan Fundraising Association also shared their success in using Salesforce to 50 attendees.

Check out our events page for upcoming Salesforce events near you:

Japanese version

2015年12月3日両国国技館、12月4日ザ・プリンスパークタワー東京・虎ノ門ヒルズフォーラムにてSalesforce World Tour Tokyo開催されました。

イベントの参加者数は8,000名で、非営利団体からは100名の皆様にご参加いただきました。基調講演では、 CANVAS理事長の石戸奈々子様にご登壇いただき、団体のミッションや教育現場におけるテクノロジーの可能性、セールスフォース・ドットコムとのSTEM教育※のパートナーシップについてお話いただきました。イベント当日の動画はこちらからご覧いただけます。以下、当日のハイライトです。


「1 Action, 1 Smile」キャンペーン






※ #salesforce #canvasjpをつけてつぶやくと、1シェアor1ツイート=100円換算でセールスフォース・ドットコムが寄付するキャンペーン

セッション:「日本を代表する最新ソーシャルイノベーションの事例 ~親子の笑顔をさまたげる社会問題を解決する~」


共催セミナー:「Salesforce非営利団体向け徹底活用セミナー 〜クラウド活用で社会に新しい資金循環を生み出す〜」

Salesforceをさらに活用いただくために、毎年アジア最大級のファンドレイジング大会を開催している特定非営利活動法人 日本ファンドレイジング協会の初の活用事例セミナーを近隣会場にてNPOサポートセンター株式会社ファンドレックスと共催しました。50名以上のご登録をいただき、会場は満員御礼となりました。試行錯誤を繰り返して今に至った話や、これからの日本のファンドレイジングの活性化に向けての活用方法などを伺い、参加者の満足度も高いセミナーとなりました。