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By January 4, 2016

By: Rob Acker and Suzanne DiBianca

We are very excited to welcome Allyson Fryhoff to a new role on our executive team, Chief Revenue Officer.

Allyson is a seasoned professional with more than twenty-five years of experience leading high-performance teams that deliver customer and stakeholder success and she is already using that extensive background to partner with leading social impact organizations.

Prior to joining, Allyson served as SVP at Salesforce where she helped lead the AppCloud (or Platform business) to become a billion dollar cloud. From 1994 to 2010, Allyson held global leadership positions in sales, management, and product at Oracle focusing on emerging technologies such as mobile, big data, IoT, and engineered systems.

In addition to her extensive technology background, Allyson also brings tremendous social sector experience as a committed philanthropist and a former teacher. Allyson also has extensive background working with individuals with disabilities.

Allyson cares deeply about the causes we serve and is a tremendous addition to our culture. She is an inspiring leader who motivates those around her and creates an effective cross-collaborative infrastructure.

Allyson is looking forward to meeting the great members of the community. Please join us in welcoming Allyson.