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By Pat McQueen December 15, 2016 continually brings together forward thinking higher education institutions with innovative technology to help millions of students successfully complete their higher education journey each year. Many institutions are using Wave Analytics, an easy-to-use data aggregation application to visualize data in real-time so they can easily combine and understand the mountains of information they produce and turn it into action. Earlier this year we announced Salesforce Einstein, artificial intelligence (AI) built into the core of the Salesforce Platform which has the potential for an enormous impact in student success.

Nowhere is data science, analytics and machine learning more critical than to help understand why some students persist and others struggle despite early indicators that may suggest otherwise. And that’s why we are excited to announce a collaboration with Civitas Learning, to share student insight data between platforms so institutions can build stronger relationships, improve outreach, and understand what engagement strategies help increase persistence and graduation rates.

One of the main reasons we’re thrilled to collaborate with Civitas Learning is because when combining predictive analytic insights with the engagement tools available in Salesforce, schools can take action and focus their time and energy on the students who need the most help before problems arise. Salesforce gives the institution a clear 360 degree student view and Civitas Learning provides the predictive insights to help prioritize work.

Civitas Learning’s approach is to take cross higher ed institution data and provide models that leverage both the data from an institution and the data from many of their peers. Civitas has a strong set of data scientists who know Higher Ed and know what data is predictive. Delivering these insights in Salesforce empowers advisors and the broader student support network to help students maximize their experience and enables institutions to realize the impact of data-informed actions on student retention and success.

Through this collaboration, the Salesforce customers can take advantage of deeper analytics and predictive modeling using student data that will complement our machine learning capabilities with Einstein and business intelligence apps from Wave. This powerful aggregation of using cross institution data will allow institutions to improve student outcomes and address longstanding gaps and challenges in the student communication lifecycle.

We look forward to helping institutions create clear, predictive insights so that your team can make the most of every student engagement and students can own their academic journeys. Not to mention, spending less time in spreadsheets and more time having meaningful conversations, prioritizing outreach and improving outcomes for students every day.

We invite you to join our webinar “Building a Data-Informed Culture to Achieve Student Success” with Civitas Learning on February 8, 2017 to learn more about our collaboration.