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Salesforce MVP’s Picks for Dreamforce 2013 – Seth Gorav

By Ginny McSwine November 8, 2013

sethSeth Gorav,
Salesforce Platform Manager,

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

Been working on SFDC since 2008, when I migrated my nonprofit from a custom PHP system to SFDC NPSP. I’m now the primary admin at Ashoka, where we have 400 users that keep me on my toes.

2. How many times have you been to Dreamforce? – this will be my 5th trip

3. What is your Best Overall Advice to First Timers?

Go for sessions that are outside of your area of expertise and level. Challenge yourself to learn more about the full scope of the platform.

Roadmap sessions and Hands on training sessions are always helpful for learning new specific skills, but dont forget that this is a chance to think big, and step back from the day-to-day details to envision how things could be.

4. Complete this sentence…If I could only go to 1 thing at Dreamforce it would be?

Roadmap sessions, esp analytics roadmap and true to the core. Analytics are so critical to getting value out of salesforce, and seeing what is ahead can be really helpful.

5. List your top 10 session picks

True to the core
Analytics roadmap
Marcs Keynote
HUB Live
HOT – Extend and customize NPSP
Mobile Roadmap
Managing complex member and donor relationships
Going Mobile
Birds of a Feather – Nonprofits
Foundation Kickoff!!!

6. Besides Sessions, give people other advice on things you would not miss, how and why?

Success clinics can be great to address specific questions

7. What parties are you planning on going to?

Social Impact Salon: Creating the Future, Exponent Partners
Silverpop Party