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Salesforce Career Programme – Growing Talent

By April 7, 2015

Last month saw the end of this term’s Salesforce Career Programme at our Dublin offices. Only six months ago, eight Trinity College students had joined us for a six month adventure, where they would learn business skills, get mentorship from the Salesforce Leadership Team and attend workshops intended to help them develop practical skills for the workplace, and also grow confidence in their own abilities.

As a final ‘Challenge’, the students were asked to present in groups, to a full room of Salesforce employees, leaders and partners, a mock pitch for technology companies, where they argued the benefits of Career Programmes from both the students and the company perspective.

Salesforce Career Program

It’s clear these students are highly intelligent, personable and will indeed do well in life. Their presentations were clearly thought out, well rehearsed and very powerful. What was most impressive was their honesty around what the program had meant to them, and also their strong arguments, backed by participant research and financial data as to why these types of career programs are so important for the companies who run them.

The Salesfore Career Programmes team also learned a great deal from these presentations. While we were told we were doing a lot of things right, like mentoring, support, engagement and workshops; there were still places for improvement. And who better to tell us – the students even interviewed previous participants to get their views which they presented to us also.

Following the Career Programme, students had the opportunity to apply for internships at Salesforce, another contributing factor for why this programme continues to be a success and grow, year after year. Seven of the participants have been offered internships this term and we can’t wait to welcome them into our ecosystem later in the summer.

Elena Rossi, EMEA Senior Community Manager at Salesforce explains the impact of the programme:

”The Career Programme came about in 2011, after realizing the great opportunity we had, as a company, to support young people as they come to the end of University and transition into the workplace. The impact of the programme is clearly measurable: 70% of participants have found employment within Salesforce or its larger network following the program, and each one of them has expressed a clearer vision of their intended career direction.”

Interested in learning more about the Salesforce Career Programme in Dublin, Ireland? Reach out to Elena Rossi: [email protected]