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Salesforce Asia Loves Pro Bono

By October 29, 2015

By: Esther Nai, Foundation Programs Manager, APAC

This week, we’re celebrating global pro bono week, giving us an opportune time for us to pause and reflect on our pro bono journey. Managing the employee engagement efforts for the Salesforce Foundation across Asia has been truly inspiring, as I witness the drive and energy Salesforce employees are putting into their pro bono work with nonprofit organisations across the region.

This year, Salesforce employees in Asia have logged a total of 303 pro bono hours in the community and engaged with more than 25 organizations.

Some Pro Bono Highlights this Year

World Toilet Organization: Probably the most notable highlight of this year is our engagement with World Toilet Organization (WTO), a global nonprofit committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide. Since the WTO’s first appearance at a company-wide meeting in Singapore earlier this year, Julien Guerin, Senior Success Engagement Manager at Salesforce and his team have gone on to create a PayPal integration package for the WTO team and logged a total of 47 pro bono hours through this engagement. Moving forward, the aim is to have a PayPal integration asset which can be deployed quickly for other NGOs. Since this new integration, the WTO can manage and process payments faster, better record transactions, saving them time on administrative and other manual tasks.

Teach for China: The second story comes from Team China, and their work with Teach for China. This year, a team of volunteers started engaging with senior leaders and the IT team at the organization, to help improve their user adoption and support their first big Salesforce project – to redesign and automate a complete recruitment and interview process. Salesforce China has clocked up an impressive 63 hours of pro bono work with Teach for China so far, with Jenny Chen, Success Specialist at Salesforce, leading the engagement.

Teach for China enlists the most promising young leaders from China and the United States to ensure every child enjoys access to a quality education. Improving user adoption will mean that everyone within the organisation can make the most of the technology available to them, and work better together towards their goals.

Alzheimer’s Disease Association Singapore (ADA): Consistent follow up and dedication from Salesforce employees, Vivian Lee and Chyan Yee Goh, with the Alzheimer’s Disease Association Singapore (ADA) meant that the organisation, whose goal is to create a dementia inclusive society, has steadily increased its input of new records into their Salesforce system and maintained a healthy adoption rate. The ADA team now uses Salesforce Chatter for collaboration and file-sharing, helping their teams work together more efficiently through easy access to content.

What’s happening at Salesforce Singapore during pro bono week?

probonoIn addition to checking in on our ongoing pro bono projects,
we’re delighted to be hosting a Salesforce Nonprofit Trailhead session for a few nonprofit customers during this pro bono week! Trailhead is an interactive online learning tool for anyone who wants to start learning more about Salesforce. Facilitated by pro bono veteran volunteers, Rob Smith and Julien Guerin, the nonprofits will be go through a 2-hour hands-on information session, showing them how they can fully maximize the potential of free trainings and tutorials from the Salesforce community.

This is an important resource for a nonprofit as they often have tight budgets to invest in Salesforce training. These modules will help kickstart their journey in a fun way too!

Join us in celebrating pro bono service during Pro Bono Week. If you’ve received pro bono support from a Salesforce employee you can thank them too by following our social media guide for the week.

To learn more about our Pro Bono Program or to apply for support, check out our Pro Bono page.