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Salesforce Account Models for Nonprofits

By December 30, 2014

Account ModelIf you are a veteran user of Salesforce, you might not think about your Account model anymore, but when you are first getting started with Salesforce, understanding the basic Account model of Salesforce and your options as a nonprofit user is a huge step in understanding how to best configure, enter and report on your data.

To this end, the stellar Nonprofit Starter Pack docs team (one Mr. Jon Michael Varese and a passionate group of community contributors) has developed a new resource article “NPSP: What is an Account Model?,” — an overview of the three different account models supported by the Nonprofit Starter Pack.

If you have comments or questions, be sure to login to the Power of Us HUB and add them to the Chatter feed on the article. If you are a Foundation customer, you can login with your Salesforce credentials.