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Salesforce Volunteers Help out at Colza Cup – 障がい者馬術大会—第三回Colza Cup – 千葉県八街市

By July 1, 2016

By: Sachiyo Nishimoto – Senior Employee Recruiter

On May 8th, the last Sunday of Golden Week, a group of Salesforce employees in Japan assisted in organizing a riding tournament for the disabled.
salesforce volunteering japan

Mutsumi Sato, currently working as a Health Keeper in the Tokyo office, has a visual disability and is a designated athlete for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. As Mutsumi is competing in the tournament,we asked a Salesforce volunteer to support her as a “caller”, which helps the rider by calling out the direction of where the horse is running to.




salesforce volunteering japanA regular  “Dressage” competition is graded depending on how elegant the rider can ride the horse around the designated track and course.In Mutsumi’s case, she has to do the same thing but without any vision. She needs to wear goggles and relies on the caller’s instruction who would be outside the course. If you have any experience in horse riding, you will know how courageous you’d need to be to ride a horse without any sight, but it also takes a tremendous amount of time to train the horse. We, as the support members, had the same motivation to participate in the competition, just like the athletes themselves.  

通常の馬場馬術は、定型の馬場の内で定められた経路をまわり、いかに優雅で上手に馬を操作するかを競う競技です。佐藤さんの場合、試合中は目にゴーグルを着用し全く視覚のない状態で、馬場の外に立つコーラーの声を頼りながら経路を回ります。 少しでも乗馬の経験のある方であれば理解頂けると思いますが、視界がない状態で大きな馬に騎乗をすることは大変な勇気と日々の練習、そして特別な馬の調教が必要です。私達、サポートメンバーも一緒に競技に出場するような気持ちで臨みました。

Before the competition, we had to practice being callers. We started off by placing one caller near each corner of the course, and once the coach pointed the corner, the caller would then call out their corner from outside the course. The caller at corner C would call out C-C-C-C-C-C, and then the caller at point M would call out M-M-M-M-M for Mutsumi to change directions depending on the course.

Mutsumi would then use the voice of the callers and her memory to go around the course in about 3 minutes.
salesforce volunteering japan

試合前にまずは、私達コーラーの練習。 馬場の外、A地点から始まり、四方にコーラーが立ち、コーチが指をさすとコーラーが自分の地点を叫びます。 C-C-C-C-C-C, その声を頼りに馬と佐藤さんはC地点に走ります。その後M-M-M-M-M 方向を変えつつ、馬と佐藤さんはMの地点に走ります。


When it was her turn, the callers helped out as much as they could and Mutsumi brought her A game, and she made runner up.

After the competition ended, the Sato’s, their guide dog Waka and the volunteer members went to dig up bamboo shoots to wrap up a great day.



This year at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics, our supporting athlete Miyaji-san would be competing in horse riding. We would love to see Mutsumi to challenge the Tokyo Paralympics, and we look forward to continue her support.

今年はいよいよブラジル・リオにおいて私達が応援をしている宮路さんがパラ馬術に出場します。 佐藤さんも是非東京オリンピックを目指して頑張って欲しいですし、私達も引き続きサポートしていきたいと思っています。

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