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Have Relationships Become the Currency of Higher Ed?

By August 31, 2017

Students are more connected and moving faster than ever.

Higher education is a journey, and to your students, it’s about more than a degree – it’s the experience that matters.

As you prepare them to succeed in the ever-changing workplace, your students expect the level of personalization, support, and engagement that they get when they log onto Amazon or Netflix.

Delivering that kind of experience starts with knowing who your students are. That means investing in technology to bridge data silos across every departments and touchpoint at your university. This eliminates disparate systems of record across campus and achieves a complete view of every student, creating a Connected Campus.

Today there is an opportunity to use technology to engage directly with your students and track their progress in one unified view across their lifecycle — from prospect to student to alumni and beyond.

Those who embrace such technology and intelligence to achieve a holistic view of the student like Arizona State University and College for America, will be better prepared to adapt to the changing needs of students.

Many institutions are turning to Campus-Wide CRM as a platform to help them move as fast as today’s students. They are mobile, social, flexible, and connected. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems enable institutions to deliver hyper-personalized experiences driving student success and beyond.

Campus-Wide CRMAt we do more than just provide the technology to make this possible; we’re also a trusted partner in your institution’s transformation. Our mission, like yours, is to make sure every student succeeds. To learn how can help, download this whitepaper to learn:

  • What a CRM is and why it has become an imperative in higher ed
  • How you can partner with on your CRM project
  • Best practices for how to begin your Connected Campus journey

Also learn from Ovum Consulting – a market-leading research and consulting business focused on helping digital service providers and their vendor partners thrive in the connected digital economy – how to create a compelling Campus-wide digital experience that transforms the student relationships and improves student success. Through this white paper, you will learn:

  • Relationships and personalization are at the heart of higher education
  • CRM adds value across the student lifecycle
  • Adopting a comprehensive, scalable and cost-effective approach to CRM is the future