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Customer Payment Management: Redefining the Donor Experience with FinDock

By September 30, 2019

Redefining the Donor Experience with FinDock

By: Bas Visser, Founder & CEO, FinDock

It is an ancient truth, first attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, that is reaffirmed every day: change is the only constant in life.

Dealing with change, particularly in our modern, technology-driven society, can be daunting. As new capabilities arise, people’s expectations also evolve. We have seen this in just about every aspect of daily life, including the world of payments.

Consumers and companies are rapidly adopting new ways to pay for services, goods, subscriptions and donations. They expect to pay through their preferred channel with their preferred payment method, and it all should be packaged in a highly personalised payment experience.

In an already complex world of IT solutions, organisations that rely on donors need to address a tectonic shift: turn a traditional, logistical ERP-based payment process into a donor-centric Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process. The challenge is steep, but it brings unique business opportunities and can strengthen donor retention.

To achieve this, we need new infrastructure to address the rising tide of personalised services and the whirlwind of new innovations in the payment landscape. Traditional bank and payment service provider methods must be supported alongside new FinTech offerings in a seamless process, Customer Payment Management (CPM).

findock marketecture

FinDock’s Customer Payment Management Platform (CPM)

CPM is a holistic approach to managing an organisation’s payment interactions with donors. It uses a deep analysis of donors’ history to make each donation payment a customised, individual experience. This, in turn, helps build donor loyalty and ultimately drive higher donation flow.

FinDock is the world’s first CPM platform, and it leverages the power of the world’s #1 CRM solution, Salesforce. The platform enables organisations to manage and process payments directly from the heart of the donor profile.

FinDock combines the support of traditional offline bank payment processes, online payment services and new FinTech within a single solution. Organisations can simply “dock” their preferred vendors and activate their services in Salesforce.

FinDocks Customer Examples

Real-life Examples of Findock’s Global Payment Architecture in Action

Designed to deliver flexibility and stability, FinDock allows organisations to change their payment setup without having to worry about the impact on their underlying IT infrastructure or business processes. 

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Bas Visser - FindockGuest Author: Bas Visser is Founder and CEO of FinDock (formally StepOrange), their app empowers nonprofits to support any payment process from any provider, directly from the heart of the donor profile in Salesforce. You can view their app on the AppExchange here