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It’s Pro Bono Week and Salesforce is Celebrating

By October 20, 2014

Pro Bono Week is a global celebration of the pro bono ethic that drives professionals across the world to use their talents to make a difference.

This week, we’re joining companies around the world celebrating Pro Bono Week, to recognize our pro bono volunteers. Salesforce employees volunteer their skills and expertise to help organizations deploy, configure and develop apps on the Salesforce1 Platform so they can effectively manage their volunteers, donors, programs, services and constituents. And because these Pro Bono Pros make nonprofits more effective on Salesforce, they are freeing up countless resources so those nonprofits can work harder to end poverty, cure diseases, teach youth, and create world peace!

This last fiscal year, 1,800 Salesforce employees logged 11,000 hours in pro bono volunteerism. Their professional and technical expertise helped change the world in amazing, inspirational ways. Some might even say “countless”, but let’s count anyway:

  • 1,800 Salesforce employees
  • 11,000 pro bono hours logged
  • 2,200 individual projects
  • 500 nonprofits helped to use Salesforce1
  • $1.5M value in expertise delivered

At Salesforce the diverse personal and professional origins of our employees bring so much to our Salesforce culture, and not surprisingly those employees bring so much to their pro bono work. One employee, for example, used his background in film to help an organization produce a fundraising video. Another employee, a technical instructor by trade, taught an educational class for 19 nonprofit women leaders. Yet another Salesforce team built an entire website for a nonprofit. The stories are endless and the impact to nonprofits and community is tremendous!

Join me in celebrating these amazing stories, as we recognize five outstanding Salesforce Pro Bono Pros throughout the week.

  • Greg Nelson, Principal Sales Engineer
  • Tom Ansley, Senior Technical Consultant
  • Kyle Yin and Seema Gowda, Program Architects
  • Josie Gillan, Director, Quality Engineering
  • Leah McGowen-Hare, Master Technical Instructor

Thank you to all of our employees who have offered their professional skills and given their time to drive social change! This week, join the growing movement of Salesforce professionals giving back by using their talents to strengthen the social sector by taking the Pro Bono Pledge.

Nonprofits can apply for pro bono services on our website at