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Pro Bono Volunteer Helps Nonprofit Keep Funders Happy

By January 21, 2020
Staff of nonprofit customer, Condrobs e. V. Inside, meet with Salesforce employee, Sebastian Munkelt, at Salesforce’s Munich office.

Staff of nonprofit customer, Condrobs e. V. Inside, meet with Salesforce employee, Sebastian Munkelt, at Salesforce’s Munich office.

Our Pro Bono Profile blog series highlights Salesforce employees who volunteer their time and talent to help nonprofits harness the full power of Salesforce technology.

Tackling Teen Substance Abuse

Adolescence is a turbulent time for most young people. Teens don’t always appreciate the long-term consequences of their actions, especially when it comes to alcohol and drug use. Substance abuse can forever alter the trajectory of a teenager’s life.

Condrobs e. V. is a nonprofit based in Munich, Germany. They run a program called Condrobs e. V. Inside that facilitates workshops for students, parents and teachers to help prevent teens from abusing illegal drugs and alcohol and connect young people with treatment services for those who need it.

The nonprofit’s team of social workers is always on the go, facilitating group discussions at schools across the German state of Bavaria. Last year, their mighty team of six served more than 1,884 students, teachers and parents. Condrobs Inside has rapidly grown its substance abuse prevention program in the last few years.

Outdated Systems Cause Growing Pains

The state government, insurance companies, and the schools themselves help pay for the services that Condrobs Inside provides. To maintain their funding, the nonprofit has to report their activities and impact to each of their funders on a regular basis.

It became increasingly difficult to track and report on the required information as the organization grew. Important data was scattered across spreadsheets, email and paper documents. “A lot of information lived in the heads of each staff member,” explained Patrick Hey who heads up the organization’s Prevention & Outpatient Services department.

Condrobs Inside decided to implement Salesforce to get a holistic view of each organization and constituent they served. But, they lacked the expertise needed to get the most from their investment in the platform. That is, until they met Salesforce employee, Sebastian Munkelt.

Sebastian had been looking for a flexible way to use his 56 hours of paid volunteer time off. “When I learned about the volunteer opportunity to help Condrobs Inside with their implementation, I thought, ‘What a cool way to use the skills I use in my daily work.’”

Pro Bono Volunteer Becomes Trusted Advisor

First, Sebastian set up Salesforce to make it easy for Condrobs Inside’s staff to enter and track all workshop details in the system, including school contact information, topic covered, staff time, and participant details. Staff were also given the ability to access workshop materials directly from Salesforce.

Using the mobile app, staff now access all the information they need from their mobile devices. This has reduced the need for staff to drop off paperwork, retrieve materials, and update files at the organization’s office giving them more time to work with teens, parents, and teachers at school sites.

Participant survey administration was another key process that Sebastian moved onto the platform. Prior to Salesforce, staff used paper surveys to collect information from participants. Now, participants use tablets to fill out online forms which feed information directly into the system. This has saved valuable staff time on data entry and improved the quality of Condrobs Inside’s data.

The implementation of Salesforce has also had a profound impact on the organization’s ability to quickly and accurately generate reports for funders. “What used to take Patrick three weeks to prepare, he can now do in one day in Salesforce,” explained Sebastian. “The platform has changed the way the organization works making them more productive in so many ways.”

“Sebastian showed us how to work with Salesforce in the right way,” Patrick noted. “We can’t thank him enough for his time.”

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